Father Corapi quits the Catholic priesthood. Starts new ministry outside the church.

eight and one-half minute long
You Tube video statement
says it all.

The new John Corapi website

The new facebook page

The old facebook page

A complete summary
of all the Father Corapi articles posted,

Editor’s note: ???????!

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  1. Nowhere in the Gospel does it say that one has to be “an ordained Catholic Priest” to start a ministry or to have a ministry that doesn’t meet the approval of the Roman Catholic Church. Saints Peter and Paul talked about the concept of “A Priesthood of ALL believers.” Starting a ministry, which doesn’t have the financial oversight and approval of a local bishop, must really hurt the Church, particularly in the area of finances, because hundreds of thousands of dollars, which might be given to the archdiocese, just might be funneled to Corapi’s ministry. It’s looks like “Roman Catholic Church, Inc.,” just might find Herself with a little competition. A little competition never hurts! But, in this particular case, I can’t sincerely say that “I hope it doesn’t!” That is not to say that I am endorsing Corapi’s ministry, because there could be the possibility of legitimate charges of sexual indiscretion brought against him. There are two separate issues here. I am just throwing out an idea for discussion.

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