The Father Corapi Affair: Another festering political problem for the Catholic Church.

J E S U S  C H R I S T !!!

The spiritual and moral issues raised in the complaint against Father Corapi (as far as anyone knows) could have been addressed through a simple mediation session coupled with good confessions, all around. Instead, we have another unresolved, festering scandal … and the Church has apparently lost a great educator, inspirational speaker, advocate, priest and entrepreneur.

While Father Corapi has now proved himself to be no St. Padre Pio, this outcome is totally unacceptable and unprofessional. It reflects negatively on all parties involved, as well as the Catholic Church, in general.

We must do better!

Let’s all pray that I am not taking the name of the Lord, in vain.

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  1. I support Fr. Corapi’s decision. Church leaders have gone from ignoring the rights of legitimate victims of sexual abuse to ignoring the rights of priests. You don’t heal one grave injustice by creating another. Priests across the country have been protesting loudly about the growing loss of rights. You cannot, as the Church, consider yourself on the path to healing and justice when you have simply switched the group that you are abusing and ignoring. More priests, accused or not, are leaving the church because they will not function in a church that now treats them as disposable. Bishops went from being wrongly protective of pedophile priests to, in a massive over-reaction, completely ignoring the basic rights of priests (the presumption of innocence, due process, etc.)

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