Incredulous: Writer expects us to believe that widespread Jewish support for abortion can be attributed to something other than liberal politics.

The Jewish community is deeply concerned about the effects of an article published and syndicated last week about a Jewish crisis pregnancy group called In Shifra’s Arms—actually, it’s a website that offers a variety of services to dissuade Jewish women from having an abortion. This group is an anomaly – the only known Jewish service of its kind – yet the article suggests it reflects a standard view in Judaism. Speaking from the perspective of the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice, we need to speak out lest this article contribute to the further erosion of the reproductive rights of all of us.

The Jewish moral imperative of pikuach nefesh – saving a life – makes safeguarding reproductive rights a vital Jewish moral value.

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Editor’s note: I can’t help wondering precisely to which Jewish community this writer is referring. That said, the now fashionable Jewish penchant for aborting babies has, in light of the history, always been totally illogical and based on the flimsiest of precedent … derived not from the Old Testament of the Bible … but from the seriously flawed and far from settled opinions of various Rabbis … some dead … some still alive.

When the victims of Hitler’s Holocaust openly support the wanton destruction of millions and millions of innocent babies … many of them Jewish … we can be sure that diabolical disorientation is already hard at work.

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