John Corapi justifies his actions, explains the “Black Sheepdog” thing.

From the Black Sheepdog site:

Some of you have thought I might have acted too fast and not given the Church enough time to complete their investigation. You could be right, but you also don’t know the facts like I do. The utter disregard for our reasonable requests and certain statements made by the lawyer for the Society of Our Lady confirmed to us that they would not complete the investigation so long as I insisted in exercising my civil and human rights. That is a dead horse. Why beat it? My lawyers would not allow me to continue unless ten questions were answered regarding the nature of the process—simple reasonable questions. They ignored the request for 6 weeks and still ignore it. These weren’t rocket science questions. At a future time we’ll publish the entire letter and the questions.

For about ten years I have been attacked, threatened, and endured extortion attempts. The leadership of the Church never lifted a finger to help me in any way with this. Every time someone gets angry with me or decides they want a payday I have to go through hell with no help from the leadership of the Church. I admit I have grown weary of that. The trauma created by all of the sexual abuse of minors scandals has warped the judgment of some in authority. They are running scared. I believe in my case they panicked. “We don’t know if the dog is rabid, but let’s shoot him in the head just in case.” Well, this black sheep of a sheepdog has been “shot in the head” before and lived to tell about it. I’ll be telling about it for awhile longer.

The name “The Black Sheep Dog” is the title of my autobiography, a title which I came up with about a year and a half ago. That title was, by the way, stolen by a person who worked for me while they were working for me, attempting to secure internet domain names under that title. That is in effect a violation of federal intellectual property laws since I have both registered trademarks and copyright on that title. The title is simply the combination of a black sheep, that would be me; and a sheepdog, that would also be me. The concept of a sheepdog guarding the flock is certainly biblical and also an idea I gleaned from an article from LTC Dave Grossman, which we’ll post for you to read at a future date, or you can read it on the internet where it has been circulating for some time.

Read Dave Grossman’s Sheep Dog Article


  1. Jesus said: The world hated me, they will hate you also. Fr. Corapi is in the best company – he should not leave the Priesthood – that’s exactly what satan wants – don’t let him prevail.

  2. Sorry – satan again. Jesus said: The world hated ME, so they will hate you also. Fr. Corapi should not depend on man’s help – GOD is his defender and vindicator.

  3. it is quite disturbing to me that fr corapi would ever do anything to deviate from his pledge to advance the salvation of human mankind.his record of outstanding catholic teaching is second to none. he has taught catholic catechism with brilliance. i pray that he has not messed up in his personal life. i would prefer that all of us followers of his ministry pray for him. we love this guy and will do everything to assist him in his future endeavors. his resignation from the church is a great loss to us Catholics.

  4. I am so sad of all that happen to Father. May you do even better in your next 20 years of life.
    Ya know years ago Fr.Coughlin was a great talker on signs of the times.Our Father Corapi had that gift also. I look forward to reading his book when it comes out. Where ever you are keep praying John.
    as I say for today times pray,pray,pray is all I can say.

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