Priest: Corapi’s actions causing scandal

Briefly… in the hope that I might post more thoughtfully on the subject:

  • priests function only by faculty of their respective Ordinaries;
  • we all hope for justice in the Church;
  • sometimes the innocent suffer;
  • this applies to priests;
  • priests are ordained to a special consecration unto Christ the Head
  • Who was the Innocent Victim
  • and if we priests become innocent victims…
  • we must be prepared to embrace the suffering involved
  • and in humble obedience
  • die to ourselves
  • even while pursuing the legitimate recourses to which we have a right in Canon Law
  • no matter how slowly these may proceed
  • or how unjustly we may think we are being treated.
  • So Corapi should do the same.
  • He should die to self rather than refusing to die (as he puts it on his new website) by “resigning” his priesthood and leading people away from their pastors by the scandal that such a public defection is causing in the Church.


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  1. I agree with the comment and would just add a few ideas of my own here; So.

    In spirit the Church is the Body of Christ but often as the Church Militant i.e. The Church on earth its swerving to avoid impact against temporal reality make for an all-too human organization that lacks Christian foresight as desired by Christ.
    Nevertheless, it does remain a glorious institution and a light in the darkness of this world that shines for all peoples. At its best it can indeed bring Jesus and his Salvation into the world.
    When some of its members are accused of social misdemeanour they may react like children and throw down their toys and stomp off to some corner. It is not always their own fault either as History shows the Church has not at all moments behaved kindly or with generous spirit towards its members. Yet we are expected to endure and in humility pick up our cross to follow our master and lord.
    It is sad to witness public figures fall out in the public arena when tolerance and Humility should be their desire.
    People like Padre Pio accepted in silent humility the trials that were placed on their shoulders by their Clerical superiors and perhaps the priest in America should also accept his trial albeit as a great cross to bear if he is innocent. To merely seek personal attraction or praise or glory is not to be faithful to Christ. Instead we must seek humility and only the glory of God as he sees fit for us. To trust in his mercy and not to abandon the path he shows us simply because we want to show Our lord that we can do better.
    The danger for Corapi is that unless he is working in conscience and an enlightened one at that, he risks wandering away from Mother Church and leading others down a gloomy path. To step outside jurisdiction of his traditional authorities for legal or secular reasons is to invite disaster. It is not good or in any souls interest to speculate on a judicial outcome that may never be perfect either way.
    Finally rather than recreate a new internet site or advance the notion of a continuation of old platitudes better to admit in humility the authority of those that wield it and renounce self as undeserving and wretched. If that had been the priests response even before an unjust outcome then the future would have been brighter and more secure because Christ would have been praised in the silent respect of such a decision.
    As it stands now we are presented with an on going division fuelled by distrust, finger pointing accusation and false humility that sours the entire affair and looks very messy indeed. Like many in the protestant reformation whom sincerely refused to accept the clerical structure or authority of the Church in their day, the possibility of growing error from the Corapi case is a moral danger that may yet have to be dealt with by increasingly harsh tones.

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