Corapi’s religious order had been trying to get him to come back and “live in community”


The bigger focus for many now, surrounds his life within the Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity. There were changes to the constitution in 1994 and they wanted him back in community. In the first interview you will hear Joan Frawley Desmond, who interviewed Corapi’s superior explain that in the beginning, when the founder permitted him to live in solitude and to preach, the arrangement was not for him to live in his own home. I am not entirely clear on how long SOLT has been trying to get him to live back in community, so if someone catches that, please drop it into the combox, and cite the source. Watch that interview to hear it explained by Desmond. This move to live in a home was a later development that he apparently took on himself, and may not necessarily have been what his community desired.

In the end, we learn that attempts to bring him back into community life did not get anywhere. This would not have meant giving up preaching as seems to be the assumption in some writings online. We see members of other communities like the Fathers of Mercy traveling all the time to speak, as well as members of the Dominicans, among others. What it would have meant was giving up the assets: the money, the ranch, the sports car, the business, personal possessions, and perhaps the most difficult of all, the power to do what he wanted, when he wanted, and how he wanted. I suspect media produced would have been more in line with what we see out of other religious orders.

This goes directly to the vow of obedience and I offer this most especially for those who are discerning a vocation. If a founder or religious superior makes a promise to a member, a future superior is not bound to honor that agreement. Rather, it is the other way around.

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  1. I have read as many “articles” concerning Fr. Corapi as I possibly could and I simply wanted to implore people to understand the power of words. They influence so very subtly at times and we do not even realize this. For instance, in this article, they speak of “money” “ranch” “sports car” “business” “personal possessions”. Please ponder the difference in the two following statements:

    Fr. Corapi owns a home, he drives a sports car, and he has material possessions.

    Fr. Corapi lives in a cabin in the woods, has a car, and does have a wooden table and chairs and a bed, with some family photos.

    Simplistic, I know, but I am a firm believer that adjectives can change an entire concept someone holds of another, or validate that concept. Please, please recognize these subtleties and you will be closer to understanding the heart of the composer. That is all I ask. Thank you and God Bless all of you.

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