More than anything else, the Corapi affair is a “no confidence vote” on church hierarchy.

by Doug Lawrence

As the “smoke” begins to clear on much of the Father John Corapi affair, what has become strikingly apparent is the utter lack of confidence that Father John and his advisers have in the hierarchy and related juridical structures of the Catholic Church.

One could say that there’s about 2 billion reasons for that lack of confidence, since that’s the approximate amount of cash that has been paid out as a result of the clergy abuse crisis … much of it the result of a widespread, recognizable pattern of various types of malfeasance, stalling, cover-ups and outright duplicity … by certain bishops and their staffs.

Then there’s the critical difference between the absolute infallibility of the official teachings of the Magisterium of the Catholic Church, as compared to the all too fallible judgments and petty politics pursued by many Catholic diocesan chanceries, across the nation.

Finally, there’s the unfortunate distinction between the Catholic Church as a real, divine institution … versus the the often flawed or totally failed human implementation of that God inspired ideal.

To put it very simply, and for whatever the reasons, many Catholics … including those in authority … rarely seem to practice what the infallible, official Church has always preached.

This is not a new development. Just ask Saint Joan of Arc.

The simple fact is, “witch hunts” have never really gone out of style, people in authority have never really changed, and even after some 2000 years of practice, the Catholic Church still has a hard time dispensing anything near the quality of justice and charity that it should.

Thank God for the universal, standardized simplicity
of the seven sacraments, since if we had to rely on
the various and particular judgments of such indeliberate and imperfect men for the grace which routinely sanctifies us, we would all likely remain in eternal darkness, forever!

In light of all this, who is fit to criticize Father Corapi for refusing to simplistically entrust his fate to the Church and (possible) divine intervention?

And what about the traditional wisdom of “Acting as if everything depends on us, but praying as if everything depends on God”?

Happy Independence Day!

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