Reader comments on Michael Voris’ exclusion from World Youth Day are worth reading

Read the referenced article. Then be sure to read all the comments below.


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  1. I am not a Voris fan.
    As per my last blog in Doug’s site here, my utter allergic reaction to almost everything he says and the way it is presented is total. I must say however, that all said and done, I am uncertain that any personal attack for given reason on an individual does appear tacky. Therefore I do not like to see Catholic authorities give statements and reasons why they have found it necessary to comment against this or that person; when any intelligent Catholic might realize the obvious!
    As for the comments below the article that restate their devotion to the Voris phenomena and they are many, I can only hope that they would support the legal church authorities and not blanket out anything they do not like or wish to hear. I remain sadly sceptical however because their devotion to Voris is surely akin to some in the early church with placards of “I am for Paul” or “I am for Peter!” Then afterwards having to be reminded of their stupidity that they should rather be saying “I am for Christ“. Presumably they realize the difference between Christ and Voris?
    Basically, the authorities in the church, the pope and his bishops of the day are the true bearers and interpretors of the will of Christ and his Gospel as it stands at the moment of any given time.
    It is not for the laity to claim equal or superior knowledge of the Church and her teaching based upon the interpretation of previous pontifical statements etc. It is not for the laity to imagine that as good Catholics (and I am most uncertain of what a “good catholic” may be in the awareness of sin) any person can offer a critique of the Church authorities. It is a sin against charity and obedience to harm the good character of the present Church by restating what is assumed to be truthful simply because we believe that we as good Catholics are equal to the task of showing the folly of modern ecclesiastical authority. Some persons in the Church may have a greater or lesser dose of human frailty and even be suspect of improper lifestyles. Yet it does not fall to us as Voris often assumes to restate that we alone contain and understand the truth and by good character are implied as the legitimate soldiers of Christ.
    Quite frankly there are too many idols with clay feet and too many of these are inside the Catholic Church and under the guise of tradition with often a conservative agenda, refuse to bow before the true ecclesiastical authorities within the Church. Misguided they assume a right they do not have and are constantly blind to humility which renders them useless to grace.

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