Real Catholic TV legal and staff troubles come to light

Denver, Colo., Aug 17, 2011 / 06:12 pm (CNA).- Michael Voris, the founder and host of RealCatholicTV, says he was completely unaware of recently discovered troubles within his organization, involving a staff apologist’s sexually explicit writings, and his nonprofit corporation’s loss of legal status two years ago.

“I don’t know what the issue is on any of this stuff,” said Voris, who is currently in Spain promoting his unofficial “No Bull in Madrid” meetings during World Youth Day.

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Editor’s note: Paperwork is the bane of every organization, especially when it comes to keeping the government satisfied. Real Catholic TV needs to work on securing their finances, so they can afford competent, reliable, accounting and legal assistance.

Everybody should send them $20 to help get this done (link).

Then, there should be no further reason for missing any form filing dates.

As for the staffing issue … Real Catholic TV has been operating on a “shoestring budget” for quite some time. Nobody there is making any money, so it’s not surprising to find people “freelancing” to help make ends meet. Sure there was some bad judgment, but it looks as though the problem is already well on its way to being corrected, so “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone”.

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