Columbus 1492 Cross Made Official Cuban National Monument

BARACOA, Cuba, AUG. 26, 2011 ( At the end of a thanksgiving Mass on Aug. 15, the archbishop of Santiago, Cuba, raised high the Cross of Parra, planted by Christopher Columbus on Dec. 1, 1492, and with it he blessed some 2,000 faithful gathered in the square.

Minutes earlier, the crowd broke out in applause on learning that the National Cuban Commission of Monuments declared the Cross of Parra a national monument. This cross is kept in the parish church of Our Lady of the Assumption in Baracoa.

Historian Eusebio Leal made the announcement and described the Eucharist in Baracoa as “a celebration of concord, a beautiful celebration for and in our homeland, in the oldest of all the cities of Cuba.”


Editor’s note: Our communist neighbor to the south raises up the holy cross while certain citizens of “one nation, under God” are doing everything they can to remove every trace of God from the public square. Strange days, indeed!


  1. If you believe in invisible people doing magical things, you are pathetic and insane.

    • Dear John Thomas,

      I get a bill from my cell phone company every month. They must exist … somewhere! And then there’s all those television shows that appear from no where … out of nothing … not to mention the internet All magic. Go figure!


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