The Pope Is Not A Tea-Partier: This Catholic’s Response to The Democrats’ Stance

by Sharon Fane

I should think he (the Pope) is not a Tea-partier because he is supposed to be politically neutral, even though I am given to know, he met privately with Nancy Pelosi.

Why do Catholic Democrats bandy about their Catholicism as positioning itself in opposition to pro-life? Pro-life is Catholic universally, and undisputedly. Democrat is not synonymous with Universal Catholicism. The two are separate and should be treated separately in public discourse, just as the GOP and Catholicism are separate and should be treated separtely in public discourse.

In reference to your quote “But Republicans, and most Catholics among them, opposed health care reform because of its expansion of government regulation, a position that put them at odds with the Catholic bishops of the United States, with Catholic teaching, and with the pope,” it is a little over-simplified and inaccurate, since historically speaking (at least since “Roe,”) most Bishops and leaders of the Church are conservative and would favor laws and law-makers who support the teachings of the Church, especially with regard to issues of “The Sanctity of Life.”

And, yes, the health care reform package as it stands, contradicts the Church’s teachings on the Sanctity of Life and that is the majority response of those in leadership within the Catholic Church and within most Protestant churches as well.

Let’s not throw the baby out with the bathwater. I agree wholeheartedly that this country is grossly in need of healthcare reform but not the package being presented. It’s a little nuts to say that we are either for or against. Everyone wants good healthcare but we do not want to be taxed to pay for federal funding of abortion, and we do not want to become “The Official” church of communism.

The more regulatory interference private citizens suffer (Catholic or not) the more we risk the sacrifice of civil liberties. The Tea-partiers are fighting this. It is a necessary battle.

When private citizens have to pay for publicly funded abortions, our civil liberties are being damaged, and this leads me to ask: “What’s next?”

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