Was Vatican II really an “Anti-Church” Council?

Someone has observed that Vatican Council II could be compared to Aeolus’ goatskin (which in the Greek legend holds all the contrary winds).  It is since Vatican II that this hurricane that we call “the spirit of the Council” has been let loose, a spirit in which I have without trouble recognized the presence of ‘against’.

“Yes, ‘against’:

–      against the spirituality that guided the Church from its origin until 1963;

–      against its dogmas, reinterpreted not theologically, but in a historicist way;

–      against its Tradition, suppressed as a source of Revelation and reinterpreted as the acceptance of what one meets on one’s way, above all in the modern cultural pluralism, be it homogenous or no in relation to its ontological status.

“If we wish only to blame the post-Council, so be it, for it is not at all free of wrongs.  But also, we must not forget that it is the natural son of the Council, and that it is into the Council that it has found the principles upon which it has then founded its most devastating contents, to the point to exhausting them.

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  1. Margaret Thatcher once said to her party faithful whom were upset by the attacks on her government in Parliament and in the media “that it is spring time and the time for cuckoos”. So again we see another supporter of the Pius X society and a true ultra -ultraconservative rant against Vatican II. Well it is autumn but the cuckoos have stayed on a while longer!

    Reading the document we are reminded in all charity that many remain unwilling and against any change as it does bring pain and apparent uncertainty. To them, it is better to not go down that road and remain firm in the original belief system of certainties and force fed faithfulness.
    Not daring to mention John the Twenty-third he is simply called pope roncali and his successors as such. Apparently for the author etc the Catholic Church gave away its legitimacy with the anti-catholic council and all its misery since is the result of its failure to return to the good old days of Pre-Vatican II. Further, we are entertained by the notion that whilst the Council has resulted in lofty ideals such as global peace etc it has failed to preach the redemptive aspect of the Christian message and thus fails to preach the Gospels!

    There is so much nonsense in the statement I am at a loss to know where to begin?
    The Great and saintly pope John 23rd opened the windows and doors of the church or rather he threw them asunder to let the Holy Spirit in. It is admittedly very dangerous to allow the Holy Spirit in as he often has the anarchy of a Harpo Marx and makes life uncomfortable for the well seated and lofty. Yet he is also All Love and Divine and our Lord and master and we shall adore him accordingly. Dear pope Roncali gave the Church a new start and we are today in its clasp which may at times seem uncertain or even dangerous but where is our faith if that is all we admit? The divine Spirit of Pentecost wakes us up with a jerk and we must respond if we are to follow him. As with that first Pentecost where The Spirit descended on the Apostles etc he commands the Church and alters it to ever new horizons.
    With Pope Paul the sixth we have the council brought to attention and the kindly if not “little hamlet” pontiff restating its commands and statements even when some bishops (of ultra conservative attitude that assumed themselves in authority over the council and the Bishop of Rome) chose to confront his authority. Allowing them a vast amount of liberty, something that earlier pontiffs would never have done, he suffered their growing clamour to reverse the council. Instead the church continued to move forward and with John Paul the first, bishop of Venice we had the prospect of a strong supporter continuation of the council decrees.
    Yet it was John Paul the second, that great lion that would reaffirm again and again the teaching of Vatican II. Not a surprise as he was one of the leading speakers at the council and perhaps its greatest vocal advocate. Then today in Pope Benedict we have the ideas of the council reconfirmed as indeed the Holy Father is well interested in Global peace etc. These lofty ideals are not in conflict with the Gospel or Redemptive aspect of Christ, indeed they are essential elements to it.

    We must pray and work for peace throughout the world, at home and globally and our salvation may well depend upon such a notion. The second Vatican Council has never split the church nor is it contrary to the spirit of past generations. Rather, it confirms them and makes us able to understand more of Gods love for us and shows how we Catholics and all people of good will may grow in the fruits of the Holy Spirit.

    The simple rants against the council such as expressed in the article however well intended are simply not what God desires for us. They lack proper faith in the Divine and are clouded by the rejection of true papal authority. They are alas like the sounding of the cuckoo perennial absurdities.

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