So, for now, we wait to see if Bishop Fellay will indeed sign the doctrinal preamble presented to him by Cardinal Levada.

In 1988, long before his election as pope, Cardinal Ratzinger visited Santiago Chile to address the Chilean Bishop’s conference. In a speech that focused on the “Lefebvre case”, Cardinal Ratzinger said this about the Second Vatican Council:

“One of the basic discoveries of the theology of ecumenism is that schisms can take place only when certain truths and certain values of the Christian faith are no longer lived and loved within the Church. The truth which is marginalized becomes autonomous, remains detached from the whole of the ecclesiastical structure, and a new movement then forms itself around it.”

It cannot be denied that after Vatican II many truths and values of the faith stopped being lived and loved in the Church. Fasting before Communion, frequent Confession, religious attire for priests and nuns, the importance of avoiding mortal sin, abstaining from meat on Fridays and many other disciplines, teachings and traditions were suddenly tossed aside, de-emphasized or became the objects of mockery and jokes.  This atmosphere of disdain for all that Catholics once practiced certainly invited a response, and that is just what Archbishop Lefebvre and his followers gave us.

This response, as noted by Cardinal Ratzinger, fed a hunger that too many of our shepherds ignored:

“We must reflect on this fact: that a large number of Catholics, far beyond the narrow circle of the Fraternity of Lefebvre, see this man as a guide, in some sense, or at least as a useful ally. It will not do to attribute everything to political motives, to nostalgia, or to cultural factors of minor importance. These causes are not capable of explaining the attraction which is felt even by the young, and especially by the young, who come from many quite different nations, and who are surrounded by completely distinct political and cultural realities.  Indeed they show what is from any point of view a restricted and one-sided outlook; but there is no doubt whatever that a phenomenon of this sort would be inconceivable unless there were good elements at work here, which in general do not find sufficient opportunity to live within the Church of today.”

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Submitted by Nancy W.


  1. I read this article with growing disgust. When will these “Lefebvre” supporters realize what true papal authority is within the Roman Catholic Church!

    In the first place that heretical cleric Lefebvre died in his heretical view and thereby in mortal sin, disobedient to his father bishop the Pope and his wishes. Anyone that supports by deed or action or word that heretic is NO friend of the Catholic Church no matter what their misinformed consciences may proclaim. They are not at liberty to express Lefebvre attitudes within the church and if they or anyone else does not like that .. then there is the door!!

    In rejection of the Second Vatican Council, for what ever reason/belief they choose to present it remains a false stand and one that comes from the idolatry of pride and self-glorification. His Holiness Pope Paul 6th kindly reminded that false French bishop and his misguided followers that the will of The Council (Vatican 2) was the will of God the Holy Spirit!
    At that remark and point all true bishops would have bowed before the papal authority and tried to understand what the Holy father was advancing. Even if they in honest complaint felt that the council was difficult to understand in some aspects then their obedience would have required them to remain silent. However in open disobedience to the will of his earthly superiors that heretical cleric chose to stand against the will of the council in open schism.

    Whilst I acknowledge that any soul may find peace with God before they die I believe it is essential (as per the Gospels command) that they seek reconciliation before they can do so. Failure for many only raises the terrifying spectre of a pit of fire!
    In recent days Pope Benedict revealing Gods mercy, has allowed some members of the former excommunicated clerics organization to return to the sanity and sanctity of Mother Church. yet this has been done on the absolute understanding that they accept his/papal authority absolutely and the teachings of Mother Church as per also statements from the Council. That disregard in public for the Council is not acceptable and will not be tolerated.
    In this article presented as if by some authoritative sounding the memory of Lefebvre is presented as something to be admired as an ally for true catholic thought. That many still admire his stand and appreciate that it was he and not the council or the papacy that was the true voice of the Holy Spirit.

    It is disgusting to read and to imagine that any Catholic should endure such a story. That wicked man, that false cleric that denied both the council and the papal authority has led and continues to lead many astray by his false merit and silver tongue. That Gods spirit should be so wounded and spat upon by self pontificating clerics that should rather rally to the defence of their holy father than contesting his authority is of the gravest sin. That others should pick up the fallen crosier of their heretical idol and continue his verbal clamour against the Catholic Church remains quite sickening.
    Lefebvre was a false and heretical cleric that chose his own will and his own understanding of tradition over that of his pope and fellow bishops. He can never be an ally to anyone that belongs to God and his views were finally and irreconcilably at odds with his Church. Woe unto him and anyone that follows his path. Like some latter day Judas Iscariot such wicked men are stolen by evil even from the number of the elect. We shall do well to tremble with fear when we remember this and to ask Our Lord to bless instead our Pope and ensure that the Bishops stay loyal to his will.

  2. @ Pablo Magnifico: It is disgusting, actually, that any Catholic should become the groupee that Pius XII warned us about, one who worships the pope rather than the firm guidelines given us by Christ. Popes have been wrong often throughout the history of the Church, and the course has eventually been righted by saints, by always by returning to the doctrine. And so it will be now, or we are at end times. Meanwhile, only fans jump up and down in fury when the doctrinal errors of Vatican II are resisted. Talk about ecumenism, false religious liberty, about collegiality, and stop urging anyone to apostocize by ignoring doctrinal differences with tradition in favor of a hug-in.

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