40 Days for Life update – Downers Grove, IL

40 Days for Life has begun and so have the miracles. No babies have been saved yet but a few special things have happened at our corner. A huge rainbow adorned the sky as people prayed the Rosary at the end of the day on Thursday. On Wednesday, a prayer volunteer received a very special phone call from a man while she prayed in front of the clinic. She needed to drop off paperwork to him but when she got there he said he had never called her. As long as she was there, she thought she would give him some Divine Mercy material. He was so happy to receive it and told her she was a sign from Jesus because He sent her there seeing that he didn’t ask her to come. Little miracles everyday bless the people who come out to pray.

Thanks to all who have signed up! We could use a few more people to sign up on Thursdays and Fridays. Please consider taking a time that you could possibly do once a week for the remaining 5 weeks. Why not call a friend to join you so you could double your prayer power? Please make sure that you come for the time that you have reserved. If you cannot keep your time, please let us know. We need someone there for every hour and please, try to be on time so the person before you is not inconvenienced.

On a sad note, someone mentioned, that a young man brought his girl friend into the clinic on Thursday and then he came back out and said that his girlfriend had an abortion 2 weeks ago and had to come back because “They didn’t get it all”. Think about this and please keep her in your prayers.

Again, thank you for being there. The moms see you, the workers see you, the drivers see you but most importantly of all, our All Loving God sees you and He smiles.

Blessings. prayers and love,

Your 40 Days Team



P.S. The Life Chain is on Sunday from 2:30-3:30 on 75th Street.

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