Bishop Zurek back in town. Father Pavone still “suspended”.

From the Diocese of Amarillo website:

Letter from Bishop Zurek:

Father Frank Pavone remains suspended. At my discretion and solicitude, he has faculties for ministry in the Diocese of Amarillo. He does not have my permission for ministry outside of the Diocese. He is to remain in the Diocese for an indefinite period of time for prayer and reflection.


Editor’s note: I’m beginning to see the reasons why Bishop Zurek has been assigned to one of the smallest and most out of the way Catholic dioceses in the country.

U.S. abortionists wantonly slaughter the equivalent of the entire population of the Diocese of Amarillo (50,000 souls) about every two weeks!

Perhaps Pope Benedict could summon the good bishop to the Vatican for some prayer and reflection of his own, regarding the critical need for strong, Catholic leadership in the struggle against the world-wide culture of death!

Definition of solicitude:
a: The state of being concerned and anxious b : attentive care and protectiveness; also : an attitude of earnest concern or attention.

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  1. There seems to be a disconnect here. First the bishop says, Fr. Frank Pavone is suspended … then a letter from Monsignor Waldow a week later states Fr. Pavone is NOT suspended and is a priest in good standing. Now, a week after the bishop zurek comes back from vacation he says again that Fr. Pavone is suspended?

    First of all: If Fr. Pavone is suspended, but with faculties in his own diocese then this is NOT a suspension.

    What is really going on here? The financial aspect of the original defaming letter from the bishop seems to have disappeared because it may be that anyone who questioned the IRS showed that the records of Priests For Life are clean.

    If it is about obedience … well, Fr. Frank is in Amarillo even though he does not have to be … BUT Fr. Frank is in fact in Amarillo.

    I’m really confused and probably … a heck of a whole lot of Catholics.

    All this is showing to all of us is that there seems to be something wrong with the bishop.

    A priest cannot be suspended and in good standing at the same time.

    Its just like:

    1. one cannot sneeze and cough at the same time.
    2. one cannot be a devout catholic and an atheist at the same time.
    3. one cannot be a bishop and pro-choice at the same time.

    Whoops .. .perhaps I may be wrong about the 3rd one.

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