Why the “Spirit” of Vatican II wasn’t the Holy Spirit

But what exactly was the “etiology” of the new “spirit”?

The post-council spirit. . . .intends to annihilate all the forms which try to establish the distinction between the sacred and the profane.

Let us not forget something rather comical – that these destructions have operated in the name of a spirit of community, although, as can be seen, nothing has come of this effort but the disappearance of mutual relations, the destruction of all the cohesion among the ordered elements.

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Editor’s note: The “Spirit” of Vatican II is … in terms the Church prefers to use … “seriously disordered”.

One would think that 1900+ years of Catholic Church Tradition would have been prized, as something that gives a reasonable degree of dependability, along with solidity and stability to the Body of Christ. Which it truly does.

Instead, we have pearls cast before swine, by those who were supposed to be acting as shepherds!

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  1. To deny that the spirit of Vatican 2 is the Holy Spirit is to ignore papal comments and to deny the essential faithfulness of the Catholic Church. Just because an individual disagrees or does not understand the teaching or leanings of the council does not mean that it cannot thereby be the desire or will of God the Holy Spirit.
    If there are difficulties within any organisation it is always best and easier to find a scapegoat and sacrifice that as being responsible for the break down of the status quo. Thus we see the Council is ridiculed because some do not accept its theoretical teachings or its implementation of new ideas. It is regarded by some Catholics as itself being heretical and anathema within the “true Church”.
    This however shows a lack of faithfulness to the popes and their wishes and to the advancement of the faith for many Catholics. It betrays a meagre spirit that refuses to accept the universal church or its banquet for all peoples of good will. Falling back upon a time wherein things were comfortable or certain and dogmatic they ironically refuse to pick up their cross and follow Christ daily. It is easier to stand their ground even when papal comments and desires and movement within the universal church attempt to come to terms with the Council and its aspirations and lead the faithful accordingly.
    The fact is of course that we are frail humans and often petty and twisted by sinful thoughts that blind us to the truth within the Catholic community which may be an excuse for our ignorance and mean mindedness. It is not however an excuse for deliberate stupidity and folly!
    As Roman Catholics we serve within a universal Church and its leaders, its earthly shepherds again and again restate the advice of the council and its implied benefit for humanity. That is why we should embrace and engage with the modern world and come to understand our place within it as both human brothers and sisters and as the children of God. Hence, the statements concerned both moves in a social and religious revolution but one that is ultimately led by the gospels and opens us up to Gods love. To dismiss these ideas for any individual reason whatsoever, is to do both ourselves and others within the Church an injustice of gross misconduct.
    The Catholic Church grapples with many issues that affect it most grievously but these are not the result of Vatican 2 nor or they the result of The Holy Spirit. They are for the most part a result of human frailty and stubbornness of spirit and denial of gods grace. They are the results of pride and sin. The Council of Vatican 2 rather refers us back in humility to the Love of God and the growing sense that His Spirit shall lead us in new ways, oh difficult they maybe, yet in ways of his will and his love and his inspiration.

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