SSPX Bishop publicly identifies “unknown assailants” the Bible says were primarily responsible for the crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ.


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  1. Alas this is what happens when a Catholic Bishop believes his authority is equal or greater than his Pope or History. He can express his opinion and choose to ignore the monstrous act of the Holocaust. Woe unto him whom has crossed over the road to the other side rather than help his brother!

    We are not surprised that a follower of that heretic Lefebvre and his morally bankrupt institution should continue to pour out his garbage and insult Almighty God in his suffering people. It is not a surprise that this wicked cleric should spout on about “deicide” and whom killed Jesus whilst he looks the other way and even avoids the murder of millions of Jews which is in itself a new deicide. For as you did this to the least of my bretheren you did it unto me . . .

    I hope and indeed pray that our long suffering Pontiff Benedict will find the courage to deal with this wicked cleric and expel him anew from the Church as his ramblings deserve and have led him and will no doubt lead many others astray.Both Catholics and non-Catholics will be led into sin and grave error by the false teaching of this wolf in sheep’s clothing.
    I am finally reminded of Christs warning to his Apostles when I read such commentary about this evil cleric that “by their fruits you shall know them”. Indeed we do.

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