Catholics persecuting Catholics … in Missouri!

For those who went on the Starkenburg Pilgrimage, you knew it was a day of obstruction by Jefferson City diocese, Jefferson City, Missouri.

Starkenburg Shrine had chains with locks to keep us out, beefy, aggressive female guards at 8:00am in the morning, you know, the usual makings of a sedate, conflict-avoidant group of traditional Catholics.

After a variety of obfuscations, nonetheless,  after 12 miles of penance after being told that we could not have Mass at the Shrine for the first time in 13 years, we did have Mass.  The boys from St. Mary’s, the Knights of Immaculata, led by Fr. Borbeau, after praying outside the gate, went past the macho but female-gendered, well-prepared guards who were not going to let a few hundred traditional catholics desecrate the  Starkenburg Shrine, dedicated to Our Lady of Sorrows, by, gasp-  having a Latin Mass by 600 faithful who have just walked 12 miles and 5 hrs praying and doing penance.

A full afternoon of civil disobediance resulted in young men walking past the uber-scary guards, followed shortly thereafter, by the civilized boys of LaSallette.  Oh, so much more could be said,  the bottom line is that Mass was said, despite every effort before hand and during to prevent it.  The sherrif, a county trooper, and a police SUV, there may have been more, were not enought to prevent what had been done for the previous 13 years.

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  1. you are no different than martin luther when he left the church. do not think what you are doing is making things better. you are breaking apart the catholic church. Instead of running away I chose to stay and fight the battle. Please encourege your leaders to work with the Pope to resolve this. One holy catholic apostolic church. we are not united. The fall of the catholic church is already happening be carefull what side you choose . I chose to follow the true catholic church with the Pope as its leader.

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