Summary of the current status of the Father John Corapi case

The Timeline

  1. Tamra Sexton was fired in September 2009, for cause. This is known because of the court filing in Montana by Corapi, made public on the blog of Jimmy Akin, reporter for the National Catholic Register, earlier this summer.
  2. Her husband, Matt Sprinkle, had his contract with Santa Cruz Media terminated in the middle of 2010, which is also in the court filing.
  3. Corapi also initiated foreclosure proceedings on a home and property occupied by Tamra and Matt in 2010, near Corapi’s own home in Kalispell, Montana.  There is a pregnant pause between mid 2010 and early 2011, then:
  4. Accusations were made by Tamra Sexton Sprinkle on or about Ash Wednesday, 2011.
  5. SOLT made the allegations public, along with declaring that Corapi was being put on administrative leave.
  6. Corapi issued a statement stating he doesn’t like the canonical proceedings, but will cooperate.
  7. SOLT assembled a three person “fact finding” team to investigate Tamra’s allegations.
  8. Bishop Rene Gracida, retired bishop of Corpus Christi, and Father Flannagan, founder of Corapi’s society SOLT, contacted Corapi to inform him that the current process of suspension was usually not just in the Church now, and that he would be better served by pursuing a civil case.
  9. Corapi and Santa Cruz Media files the civil suit.
  10. Fr. Sheehan of SOLT states publicly that the canonical process has stopped because of the civil lawsuit. We will find out that in private, however, the investigation went on.
  11. Corapi resigned from public ministry, stopped referring to himself as “Father,” adopted the name he gave himself for his autobiography – the Black Sheepdog – and also resigned from SOLT on or about June 17, 2011.
  12. Fr. Sheehan of SOLT shortly thereafter acknowledged Corapi’s resignation and SOLT will work with him in his time of transition.
  13. Not a mere three weeks later, on July 5, 2011, SOLT issued a letter, unsigned by Father Sheehan and apparently written by someone else, since it refers to Fr. Sheehan in the third person. It stated that all of the allegations made by Tamra Sexton are true. SOLT warns the faithful not to associate with Corapi. It then, strangely, orders Corapi to stop foreclosure proceedings against Tamra Sexton, drop his lawsuit against her, and lastly orders him to return to community in Corpus Christi.
  14. Corapi did not comply.



  1. It sounds like Tamra wrote that letter and the one from Bobbie Ruffato, Don’t be surprised. Theresa

  2. I find it hard to believe that SOLT never took the time to check out Ms. Sexton’s background before relying on her letter as being the gospel truth. It’s amazing what you can find out on line about someone, criminal records, multiple marriages and divorces, back taxes etc.
    I would have been more inclined to also think of someones technical ability to forge emails and text messages etc., especially since she bragged on Facebook that she built Santa Cruz Media from the ground up. She also claims to be the owner of Santa Cruz Media on

    • nothing surprises me with tamra sexton, she has proved to be a pathological liar, we’ve seen her abusive rants on the internet.

  3. Ms Sexton was at the Knights of Columbus presentation of Father Corapi in Arlington Heights, Illinois about 4 years ago. Ms. Sexton was selling tapes etc. I spoke with her about her life traveling with Father Corapi and she spoke that she had moved to Montana to serve his ministry. I mentioned that I would appreciate making contact with Father as I was seeking council as how to best serve the church in a more public manner. She spoke about that and that I could call her. Her attitude and behavior induced a chilling affect within me and I felt it immediately as I walked away. And the thought came to me why Father would have this person performing this job. It did not feel right. Last summer when I first heard what had transpired I asked who and what with no reply and I immediately knew that these allegations had some connection with this woman. This is horrible and we all know it and so does she. It is not believable that any allegations of any sort are based upon truth. Father simply put has done nothing wrong. When Jesus said the gates of hell shall not prevail He might well have said that the gates of hell sure as hell are going to try and we Catholics are giving him room and so are the church leaders. Wrong is wrong but so is right right. I know in my heart that Father has done nothing that would not be Christ like. He went through too much to go back to wherever he began and he certainly would do nothing to tarnish his memory of and his continuing relationship with his decease parents and especially his own dad. As anyone that reads this might surmise I am very serious of that which I say here.

    • I began to notice that there were no more programs featuring the priest whom I have held, and always will hold, in high esteem. It was his message that saved my own life. His message that God can and does forgive the worst of us sinners. I had been so lonely and so hopeless until I heard him speak. I couldn’t hear enough of his message. I sent copies of his speaches to others who needed to hear and feel what I did. Yes, he is a charismatic speaker–yet this is not what moved me. It was his soul-baring honesty and those piercing eyes that said more than once that he would not apologize for being harsh on a sinner because it was his job, and he wasn’t going to hell for anyone to just placate them. Look at what is happening here. The very thing that we as human race have done for all time–persecute others for no other reason than we do not really understand them. I am ashamed for any time I ever pointed a thought at anyone. As Christ said -(though I am not quoting His exact words)–go ahead, throw stones-but let the first one to throw a stone be one without sin. Shame on us. As an addict myself, I need the people I love to support me, and to lift me up. Many, most really, are not there. So I depended on the words of this man, this holy man, a man who has been to his own hell and lived to tell about it. God forgive us for we know not what we do. I pray for Father John Corapi, who has suffered enough in one lifetime to pay for the souls of many sinners. It is the faith that we have a glorious kingdom to look forward to that sustains me, and I pray sustains him as well. Almighty God forgive us. Give Father Corapi strength to hold his head high and to know that if he can save the life of this one woman in the middle of a large city where we never would have crossed paths were it not for the technology of the media by sharin his own addictions and how he made it through, giving me hope, surely he has done the same for multitudes of Christ’s flock. Not in his own power, but by Christ using him as a venue. I Christ’s spirit of love and forgiveness, Audrey Hollatz, Phoenix, AZ

  4. Seems like there was a knee jerk reaction from SOLT. I know they had a panel investigate and their findings are partly disclosed so we only know part of what they found. Jesus said whoever has not sinned then cast the first stone. We should not judge what happens but should pray for all involved. Honestly, I would just like to hear Fr. Corapi preaching again he was the most effective and touching Priest. I do beleive he will be vindicated. God Bless You Fr. Corapi
    Edwin J. Kubena, Jr.

  5. If this is at all possible could you please pass this message onto SOLT and TAMRA SEXTON. Anyone with a grudge could tamper with a computer and leave all kinds of nasty emails, especially a sacked employee; but, what was the reason for her sacking? I feel that SOLT should not have aired their findings until they had researched thoroughly even with a physical medical examination of Father John Corapi, if you know what I mean!

    P.S. Please inform me of any news, findings and responses. Thanks

    • Good people have to always watch their back. Satan is after them and looking for an opportunity. The Demons wanted to sack Fr. John
      Corapi as he declared spiritual warfare on them. Anyone who declares spiritual warfare will be under attack. The whole Catholic Church is under attack from inside and out. This was well exemplified by Fr. Corapi who was not afraid to discuss this. I miss Fr. John on Sunday evening and although EWTN has replaced him with a very good program there is nothing similar to the way Fr. John spoke. God Bless you all and continue to pray for Fr. Corapi and all the priests as they and the Church are all under attack. ed kubena

      • Thank you for your response to my request about Father John Corapi. I pray for Father John to be reinstated as Priest. He was definitely an interesting Preacher. Any information about his state in life would be most appreciated. Thanks again.

      • I do hope that he returns to SOLT and that whatever allegations will get resolved. I like you am kind of hoping for good news as I haven’t heard anything new for a long time. Eddy

      • Please join me in prayer that Fr. Corapi returns to the Church. I wait for some good news just like you. God Bless

  6. This whole affair stinks to high Heaven, and part of the smell lingers on SOLT. We are under demonic attack now more than at any period in human history, so hopefully the rot in the world will be excised soon. God bless Fr. Corapi, and if he feels that he needs his financial assets to defeat the malicious attacks against him, then he can be forgiven for his only apparent vice of any consequence. When you feel able to do so, please return to preaching and administering the Sacraments, Father.

  7. could not agree with you more. Read Thessolonians 2, There are many in the world that welcome and love lies and liars. Sick evil world.

  8. My wish is that after litigation ends, John Corapi will return with Fr. Corapi again, hopefully avoiding a popularized culture of priest worship apparent in our age. I do not imply he intended or intends to do so. I’ve spoken with a daughter of the accuser on Facebook. She has 3 or 4 children and not married. She operates with no shame about her status and was excited about a new baby on the way, if I recall. Some priests have told me that all the wrong people are so invovled in these ministries. Most of them sacrifice their own families for the spotlight. God help us. Only the true Church could endure such behavior… nearly 2000 years. Wow! Still praying for Fr. Corapi. He is always and forever a priest.

    • Most who are in prison will attribute that to people they hung around with. We all know what is in the heart of Fr.Corapi and I believe he has silently without fanfare returned to a more monastic aesthetic existence. Saying that his following was priest worship was not what I seen. Fr. Corapi was a real person that said the truth whether it be about sinning and also about the Church. Many like to smear him because he was conservative. They got their opening and now can start pointing fingers. I wish the best for Fr. Corapi in the Lord and have faith that he will overcome whatever trials confronts him. God Bless him and ask that all pray for him. Ed Kubena

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