Who does Pat Quinn think he is … Pontius Pilate?

by Doug Lawrence

“I always feel that when you have an issue that you’re concerned about, the best thing to do is pick up the phone, set up a time, an appointment, and come on in and have a face-to-face dialogue,” said Quinn, a Catholic who has long clashed with the church about abortion rights.

Who does Pat Quinn think he is … Pontius Pilate?

It’s Quinn who ought to be making an appointment … to humbly confess his sins … in the Sacrament of Reconciliation … but only after he first turns away from his present, deadly public policies on abortion and homosexual unions.

And while the Cardinal’s faint-hearted waffling makes this look at first, like a victory for Quinn … Quinn’s actions have (objectively) placed him ( along with a shamefully large number of other allegedly Catholic politicians) in a really bad spot: A place where even the slickest of tin-horn politicians … from the very bluest of states … will find themselves totally powerless, and without hope.

Tick, tock, governor. The time for salvation is now!


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