“Democrats for Life of America” – choose one, or all three: Trojan Horse – Oxymoron – Dirty trick.

by Doug Lawrence

It’s presidential election time, so once again we note the rise of the totally fictional and absolutely false Democratic Party front group “Democrats for Life of America” and their pro-abortion, pro-Obama leadership, exemplified by the likes of Douglas Kmiec and Tom Berg.

The only purpose this organization serves is to provide necessary cover for liberal Catholics (and others), whose consciences (rightly) bother them when they cast a vote for all too numerous, pro-abortion, Democratic politicians … many of them, Catholic.

Don’t believe a word these guys have to say. And don’t think they intend to make abortion rare … or safer.

Their true objective is much simpler than that. They want to sucker you into casting your vote for deadly, pro-abortion, Democratic politicians … and they want you to feel good about it!

Please do not infer from this a blanket endorsement of Republicans, the majority of which are also NOT truly pro-life.

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