Barack Obama’s clever Christmas address denies the real power and truth of Jesus Christ.

For Obama, it appears, it is not Christ that we celebrate at Christmas. It is merely the story of Christ. Four times Obama denied the actual accomplishments of God by reducing His glory to a potential subject of Oprah’s Book Club. He has deftly left himself free from actually being accused of proclaiming the Gospel by invoking, as Christians might invoke Zeus or Achilles, merely “the story” of Jesus.

Christians do not celebrate a “story” at Christmas, just as atheists and theists alike do not celebrate the story of their own respective birth on the appointed day. No, we celebrate the actual birth of Christ — the infinite grace of the omnipotent God, who, despite the total depravity of mankind and mankind’s complete inability to redeem himself, sent a perfect incarnation of His nature to dwell among those who perpetually and insistently defy His laws, and to offer this incarnation as a freely-given sacrifice to propitiate our moral criminality, sufficient for all but efficient for those whom He regenerates. That the infinitely sovereign and good God was pleased to demonstrate His boundless grace to an otherwise unredeemable people by sending a perfect sacrifice and intercessor for our transgressions is truly something to celebrate.

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Editor’s note: Obama and his Marxist/Socialist pals are experts at appearing to say one thing while actually proclaiming something totally different … and sinister … especially when it comes to religious matters. Gotta watch that guy!

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