A 50-year personal retrospective: Vatican II was no “New Pentecost”.

by Doug Lawrence

Acts of the Apostles, Chapter 2, chronicles the authentic events of the first Christian Pentecost, which were shortly followed by the miraculous expansion of the Church and the subsequent baptism of countless souls, all over the known world.

The Catholic Church came into existence on Pentecost. The fire enkindled by the Holy Spirit on that great day still burns bright. Billions of souls, from scores of generations, subsequently came to know and love God, through their faithful participation in the work, worship, sacraments and devotions of the Catholic Church.

There was nothing sufficiently wrong with the Catholic Church to warrant anything like the destructive and spiritually violent “New Pentecost of the 1960’s” that has since been blasphemously proclaimed by so many, for so long, with little more than 50 years of  “rotten fruit” to show for it.

I lived through the heady days of the 2nd Vatican Council, which was shortly followed by what was arguably the greatest apostasy in the Catholic Church, that the world has yet witnessed.

I knew the pre-Vatican II Catholic Church. I loved the pre-Vatican II Catholic Church. Through the good offices and sacraments of the pre-Vatican II Catholic Church, I came to be a friend of God. All of that was turned upside down, violently torn asunder, ransacked and roughly trampled underfoot (sometimes literally) in the riotous aftermath of the council known as Vatican II.

That’s why I can say with certainty that Vatican II was NO “New Pentecost”. It was instead, a purely political (not “pastoral”) revolution, that for a time, effectively took over the leadership of the Holy Catholic Church, to absolutely NO good end. And it may well take another hundred years, with God’s good help, to properly restore all that has been lost.

So, there’s your 50-year retrospective on the 2nd Vatican Council, through the eyes of one still exasperated Catholic soul, who actually lived through it!

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  1. I think you are just as mistaken as those who promoted the apostasy. I will not debate the state before or after or play what-if games. I will only point to the ACTUAL DOCUMENTS produced by the Second Vatican Council. What they actually wrote. What they actually said. What IIRC Bl. John Paul II called God’s gift to the church.

    Absolutely NOTHING of what you describe in the heresy, the desecration, the confusion, and the apostasy is to be found in the documents, and the documents were the product of the actual council. The chaos was the products of liberals that would not have been listened to unless they labeled all their trash “In the SPIRIT of Vatican II”. Not the actual words the council said, but some amorphous “spirit” which only they were able to channel.

    The recent Catechism quotes extensively from those documents.

    Perhaps I’ve missed a lot, so feel free to point out all the politics, heresy, and other evils you’ve found IN THE ACTUAL DOCUMENTS which proceeded from the Council.

    Otherwise please note that it was the hijacking and mislabeling of the apostates, and the negligence of those who were faithful at the time who let them get away with it and not the Council itself.

    • Dear tz:

      One of the biggest problems Catholics have is discerning the difference between their idealized and perfected mental image of the mystical Body of Christ, which like Jesus, is completely triumphant over Satan, sin, and death … compared to the present day, sinful, scandal-ridden, politicized, mystical Body of Christ, which exists on earth today, in a far less pristine state.

      Unlike documents from every other church council, the documents of Vatican II were written in such a way as to permit almost any type of interpretation, by virtually anyone. Pope Paul VI grudgingly accepted them, often with footnotes and addendums, which have been largely discounted and ignored. JPII had to defend them. He and then Father Ratzinger, along with a bunch of other young radicals, helped to write them. And now, proving that God does indeed have sense of humor, Pope Benedict is “stuck” dealing with what he wrought.

      Just about the only things those VII documents dealt with definitively and clearly were the novelties which served to give cover to revolutionaries in the church, so they could proceed to tear it apart, according to the obtuse “spirit” of that council.

      As for which came first … the council or the apostasy … it matters little. One followed in the wake of the other, as sure as winter follows fall. And the results have been just as dismal. Many of us are still waiting for JPII’s “New Springtime”. No sign of it yet, though.

      I suggest you type “Vatican II” into the search box on my site and review many of the pertinent articles. Then come back and tell me if you have changed your mind.

      You didn’t mention your age. Did you also “live” through the events I mentioned, and witness them, as I did, or did you just read about them? Big difference!

      Merry Christmas!


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