Fair warning: Society and the Church should prepare to be sodomized.

Setting the Table — A Guide to Queering Catholic Parishes

Given Schexnayder’s obvious long-standing commitment and loyalty to the Homosexual Collective, “an anti-culture” built on sexual deviancy, it is not surprising that Settling the Table turns out to be nothing more than a not-so-clever piece of “gay” agit-prop designed to promote organized perversion, beginning with homosexuality, in Catholic parishes in the U.S. and around the world.

This charge is easily documented by Schexnayder’s cover-to-cover use of the language of “gay-speak.”

In any battle, verbal strategy is as important as military strategy. The enemies of the Church know this, which is why the Homosexual Collective so desperately conspires to control the language and the meaning of words in any public discourse on homosexuality. People think in terms of words. So if the Collective controls the language, they can determine the thoughts people have on any given subject. A great deal of time and energy is spent by the Collective in the training of “gay” leaders like Schexnayder and in the indoctrination of its rank and file members. Schexnayder certainly does not disappoint.

For example, the gay-speak term “homophobic” or “homophobia” is used throughout the text. The creation of this word is closely linked to the Collective’s effort to pass itself off as a “sexually oppressed minority” in need of reclaiming its civil and religious “rights.” The author defines “homophobic” as “a fear of, aversion to, contempt for, or prejudice against homosexual persons, or individuals perceived to be homosexual.” [8] In one of the model “inclusive” parishes presented in Setting the Table, St. Margaret of Scotland Church in St. Louis, Missouri, the community is committed to include gay-speak” terms like ” ‘homophobia’ and ‘heterosexism’ in discussions about justice and human rights.” [9]

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