December 21st … one of my favorite days of the year.

Dec. 21st. One of my favorite days of the year. I drive to work around 7 AM and it’s usually around sunrise. In October and November I can actually see the days getting shorter as my drive gets darker and darker. Well it gets no darker as of today. Now the days start getting longer again. Pretty soon the sun will be up when I get into the car.

I always pointed this fact out to my children as they were growing up hoping they would enjoy this day too.

The ancients also noticed this. They had no TV, or movies or X boxes. When the sun set, they had that big screen TV called the sky and they became good at studying planetary motion, the stars, astrology, etc. They knew that at the end of December, the days light lasted longer. They even made our Lord Jesus Christ’s birthday December 25th. They knew that the light of the world and the lengthening daylight had something in common. No one really knows the exact date of our lord’s birth.

It’s also one of the main reasons we put up lights and light candles in our Churches. These are all symbolic, and are constant reminders of the true light of the world – Jesus the Christ.

Also, December 25th is the day the pagan Romans celebrated the feast day of Sol Invictus (The sun god). We made it the feast day for the birth of the Son OF God.

So happy first day of winter and enjoy December 25th when the true Light of the world became man and enjoy the lengthening (where we also get the word Lent) of days.


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