Feminists defend abortion with desperate passion because the whole shaky structure of their lives depends upon it…

These three interlocking bad ideas—abortion, careerism, and promiscuity—present a complicated picture, and initially a depressing one. If you’ve ever played the game of pick-up sticks, you know how impossible the task looks at the beginning, when you must gradually and carefully dislodge the first sticks one at a time without collapsing the pile.

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  1. Feminists want equal rights and there’s nothing wrong with that. In some countries, women simply want to gain respect and be allowed to have a voice.

  2. Dear chelsarrr,

    Did you click the link and read the whole article? There’s much more going on than merely working to gain respect and being allowed to have a voice.

    Merry Christmas!


  3. The article really focuses on one woman’s opinion and not real, worldly feminist issues. For example, in the Middle East, women’s testimonies do not count in court. That means, when women or children are raped they literally cannot stand up for themselves or are punished/killed/stoned if they try.

    In the west, we are privileged indeed to even consider that feminists simply want to have sex without worry of consequences. That’s quite a generalization and assumption. I simply want women around the world to be treated with respect that all life deserves. That’s all.

    • Dear chelsarrr,

      How about we treat every person … male and female … born and unborn … with the essential human dignity that God affords to all human beings … without reservation … out of love? There is no justification for inhumanity and lack of basic human charity, at any level. Nor is there ever an excuse for the killing the innocent merely to right the wrongs perceived by warped, often psychotic individuals, who attempt to justify their decrepit behavior by pointing to injustices existing somewhere in the world. That’s an old, Marxist, political ploy, and it inevitably leads to more injustice, discrimination, and bad behavior. Not less.



      • So others must remain oppressesed, otherwise, it’s communism? Really?

      • I don’t support communism or oppression. There are other choices.

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