The Black Sheep Dog (a.k.a. Father John Corapi) website is now empty and dormant.

Today, traveling around the Catholic blogosphere and on Facebook and Twitter is a link to the now defunct website  All of the posts, all of the audios and videos are gone as are the items that were for sale.   The “nuking” of the site also eliminated literally thousands of comments.  It is all replaced with this:



  1. That is ALL that he left us!?!?!? After being taught by him for years, and praying for him during his period of “false”allegations, this address is ALL that is left??? Please, Heavenly Father,bless John Corapi abundantly RIGHT NOW!!! HE desperately needs YOU, O Lord, and WE need to hear from HIM. Blessed be the name of The Lord!!!! Amen

  2. P.S. Even if ALL of the allegations against John Corapi are true, that means that he needs our prayers even MORE. What a special soul he is!!! We can NOT let Satan have THIS ONE!!!! He is far too PRECIOUS to us AND to God to let him go without a good prayer fight. He taught and showed us the power and importance of calling on our Lord especially in times of such dire trouble. Please continue to pray for the faithfulness and obedience to God of John Corapi because you must know that all of this confusion is the work of the Devil himself. We commend the spirit and soul of John Corapi to you, Lord Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father through the workings of the HOLY SPIRIT!!! AMEN

    • Agreed. Whether any accusations are true, he spoke the truth. Judging the source doesn’t make the words mean any less

  3. I now believe that John Corapi left because he could not face his followers wit the truth. I did follow him and supported him but from what I know this was about the money not so much the allegations. The fact that he made a lot of money. No way of tracking down all of the things he said he gave to the Catholic church. Can’t even find any evidence of the life he claims he lived in California and Nevada

    I will not judge him. His turn will come. I agree we should pray for him just as we should pray for any other soul. However, he is a very smart man and only he knows what the real truth is and his relationship with God. I follow the teachings of Jesus Christ and I will not follow a man. Especially a man who so abruptly abandoned what he preached. The spiritual combat. As a priest he was very charismatic and talked the talked from a worldly experience and I’m sure that is what attracted me to his preaching. For now, I will practice my Catholic faith and pay attention to what is really important. John Corapi is not poor, nor sick, nor in prison, nor hungry or thirsty.

    To dedicate more time to him is not good.

  4. For all anyone knows he could have been told by his attorneys to remain silent OR even Church officials could have said”if you want released from your ministry you must remain silent. They have put that stipulation on priests in the past!

  5. Leave HIM ALONE. Has he not suffered enough under the mad woman who promised to destroy him? Has he not suffered enough under the Texas Bishop who loathed Father to begin with and wanted him gone? Has he not suffered enough w/insults and trash comments on blogs and Professional Catholics? WHICH what the heck is that? STUPID sounding. Has he not suffered from his own SOLT and their outrageous form of finding of guilt? ENOUGH. Canon lawyers are NOT what they should be. They have deserted many a fine innocent priest, ODD that in AMERICA all are prioven innocent untill GUILTY by their peers. NOT so w.SOLT or the TX BISHOP. Amazing how evil the Church has proven a place it can be. Thanks to GOD the church will be taken care of by GOD HIMSELF and there will be many BISHOPS and CARDINALS that will have to answer as to what they have done in their ommisons and comissions. We have some sadly very evil men in these capacitys who are Obama supporters and actually VOTED for this BABY KILLER VIA FIAT. YES we do! And they have the audasity to slam another who preaches against this evil.
    The accuser in question is a woman who w/purpose and forethought planned her DESTRUCTION of Fr. John Corapi. AND his ORDER, Canon lawyers and that BISHOP from TX abated in this act. GOD will tend to Fr as he spread the TRUTH and many within the HIGHER CHAMBERS were displeased. SHAME on them. God Bless and Keep Fr. John Corapi. Keep him shielded from monsterous people.

    • Amazing how quickly they’ve crucified a man who has hurt no one but himself in his transgressions, yet so determinedly hide others that have preyed on the innocent by moving them from diocese to diocese. I love my faith, it’s the human hypocrisy that I have a problem with.

  6. Pray for Fr. John Corapi and stop judging. Pray

  7. I am continually amazed that sheeple want to jump and defend this guy. Just because he may have said the “right” things in the past in talks or whatever, some people think he could do no wrong. We don’t know whether he’s guilty or not. But that doesn’t mean we can’t call a spade a spade. And the behavior that we have seen is very strange. I get tired of seeing people jump to a guy’s defense just because he was a priest. He’s still a person – don’t put him or anyone else on a pedestal.

  8. May the Holy Spirit inspire a Catholic Cardinal to approach Fr. Corapi and other priests of his ilk. Protect highly talented Catholics like Fr. Corapi by establishing a monastery for them to grow in your Holy Spirit under the direction of holy and pious spiritual advisers.
    Assist them in ministering to the public via liturgical innovations; new ways to worship in song and prayer.
    We ask this in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen!

  9. Yup, he sure went beserk.

  10. As a cradle catholic I was coming back into the faith and Fr. Corapi was a big part of my return to the Mass and being a practicing catholic once again. Thank you Fr. Corapi, for helping me to come home and your guidance. God Bless you.

  11. Fr. John, if you are reading these posts, don’t lose your faith. Like many other challenges in your life this is just another one and God has a purpose for this trial too. God Bless you.

  12. Dear Father Corapi:
    We are praying daily for you. i know you’ll be okay, so often, I’ve heard you say your father told you “never lay down, never quit”. Your mother telling you at your worst,” one Hail Mary a day, John.” Father, I don’t know if you have any idea, through the grace of God, how many people you have saved. This too will pass. On my word of honor, ( I and my husband live in a very humble home) I offer you shelter, room, and board, without NOT A Soul knowing, if it could help you. We love and miss you. It’s your turn to be helped. We would do anything with absolute privacy, to be honored to help you as you have helped us. Please just consider this, our dear priest. With deepest respect and love of Jesus, Mary and Joseph. Joe and Donna

  13. Father John, Just a reminder that Our Lord was accused of having relations with Mary Magdalene, a known prostitute. And He was crucified on hearsay. The Church is first of all predicated on forgiveness and we know how confession in the Church has “gone out of style”. IMHO the Church needs to refresh its own and start requiring the priests to hold confession on a regular basis, matching the Mass schedule, instead of “By appointment only” I don’t blame you for expressing yourself about this nor the indignation you must be feeling at these attacks upon you and your ministry.
    The Catholic Church is open to entertain new ideas such as tossing the Tridentine Mass , but never to successful evangelization. The Church has always been able to absorb vast amounts of wealth without a burp, wave or a ripple,without financing any furthering of its Evangelization. In other words, the Church fathers in charge of finance told you to go as far as you can on your own. When you managed to turn it into a going concern,they expected you to turn over any and all excess cash.The hierarchy of the Church frowns upon a mere priest publicly showing material wealth. You must have rank like in the Army. First a Monsignor, then a Bishop or a Cardinal before you can show any wealth.To allow you to continue would give other priests ideas of their own personal worth and encourage them to strike out on their own.You are right on target with your beliefs and your teaching and preaching, but the next fellow, with the same aspirations who succeeds you , could become another Martin Luther. I see the reason for the Church fathers need to fear your popularity and success. You may be OK now, but what about the next Father Corapi accolyte or copy cat..No, you are getting it from the jealous, the greedy and the fearful. They expect your humility while wanting in on the cash.They always say follow the money.I say turn down your flame, but don’t allow the fire to go out. Go back with your hat in hand and give them another chance. God Bless you and love you always, whatever you decide!.


  15. I miss your teachings, Fr. John. May Our Lord, Jesus Christ, bring you back to your listeners. Stay well and come back. Maria

  16. God Bless Father Corapi. He saved a lot of people souls with his preaching with the True . Thanks Fr. Corapi

  17. My Husband just passed away, His Faith was renewed & Strengthened By Father Corapi, He always loved him and continued to until his Death on June 11 2012. If Father Corapi is reading this I hope he knows how grateful I am that he shared his gift so abundantly and for also renewing our Faith In Jesus Christ and his Church. My Husband James always watched Father Corapi on EWTN, I bought him the Catechism of the Catholic Church that Fr.Corapi had done. I pray for Father and I know my Husband, who I believe is in Heaven is continuing those prayers. GOD BLESS YOU FATHER Where Ever You are My Prayers are always with you Pray for My Husband James Humphrey.

  18. All I can say is we will miss you…..Be well…..I hope to be able to hear your words someday soon.

    • May God bless you and keep you safe, Fr. Corapi. Thank you for all you taught us. Maria

  19. Dear Fr. Corapi.
    I was checking my recordings from your teachings and there was one that struck my heart real hard; the title: “SURRENDER IS NOT AN OPTION”. But apparently that’s what you have done: SURRENDER. The Lord Jesus wants you to rise up and face the thousands of us who put our trust in you and changed our lives because of your teachings. I pray to the Lord that you showed us that you, at least tell us how you are doing and what your plans (and God’s) are.
    We love you, father,
    Ed Infante

  20. Father Corapi,yes Father Corapi,you will always be a priest who belongs to GOD.Our beloved Mother is praying for you.Please help
    Her out.She needs you to help Her fight the devil’s grasp that he has upon you.Our LORD and HIS MOTHER are waiting with open arms.
    We are too.GOD bless you and bring you back to us.

    chris deleon

  21. i need help from the dogs mouth. my little brother i believe to be too far gone into drugs and what ever else has grabed ahold of him. hes lied cheated and stole from everyone who has tried to help him….now that he has nobody (including me(stole my vehicle hours ago)) how does the rest of us move on….. we cant help him.
    we’ve tried time and time again……and it always costs. black sheep dog i need guidance on what to do, but im afraid of not being able to follow what you would say.

    • Dear Dean, Unfortunately, Father Corapi is no longer publicly active in the church, so we won’t be able to enlist his help. If you love your brother, you will need to do for him (spiritually and mentally) what he cannot or will not do for himself. As for the physical aspects of his addiction, he will have to rely on God’s grace, along with your spiritual work. This could take a long time – months – even years. I suggest – and I’m sure Father Corapi would have agreed – that you consider becoming a daily holy communicant, by attending Mass every morning and that you supplement that great effort by praying a daily Rosary. Frequent reception of the sacrament of penance is also suggested. Doing this, you’re attempting to obtain a quantum increase in God’s grace, which you can use to strengthen your own relationship with God while you offer up as much as you can for your brother’s prompt recovery. You do this for as long as it takes to make a break-through. If you can’t begin doing all of this right away, then do one thing first, add one more, etc. – over time – until it becomes ingrained habit. If you back slide, just begin again. I can guarantee that none of your efforts will be wasted. I cannot guarantee that your brother will recover from his addiction, but miracles do happen, and no matter what, God’s grace is both effective and sufficient to eventually transform even the most unspeakable evil into good. In my experience and according to the sacred scriptures: The LORD is far from the wicked: but he hears the prayer of the righteous. (Proverbs 15:29) May God bless you and keep you and grant you peace. May the Blessed Virgin Mary and all the Saints never fail to intercede for you. May the grace of God lead you and yours to eternal glory. Now … believing that you will receive all that you ask for and more … in the holy name of Jesus Christ, our Savior … go out and begin to get ‘er done!


  22. When you took the choice to get out of the Church if that was
    Me I think you would have told me that Satan has WON and
    For me to Pray more about it and come back and do his Work.
    If you think about it look what They did to our LORD.What
    Happen to you was a gift from God to show his people to
    Stay strong when the Storm come to any one of us.The Lord
    Will never for sake US.Don’t let Satan Win.Sit down and look
    Up and Ask him is this in your Plans.He loves You so much.
    MR R Higgins

  23. Please return to us. I only discovered your teachings this week as I have been scouring Youtube to help me cope with life’s challenges. The last two days I have spent hearing you speak I felt so proud to be a catholic and I thought to myself here’s one charismatic priest who is leading us the right way. Show us some signs at you are around. You have left an indelible print on my heart. I pray mama Mary keeps you safe and you are holding on to ‘Padre Pio’s weapon’. Praying for you to return soon and safe to us.

  24. Do not despair everyone but rather pray as he has taught us from Jesus’s words. And all who read this post everyday at 3 pm pray with me for Father Corapi. Either a rosary or if not enough time a Hail marry and a Our father. Let us have faith and love for father Corapi. for even if he was to do every sin in the book and i obviously am exaggerating. That we all would forgive him and I would by the next day if had a chance would go listen to him preach.. I wish i had the chance. I am 27 and i would rather hear him preach than any rock concert or do any drug. But whatever choice he has decided I will always remember his time he preached. God bless you all. and please pray with me. for his strength and our own through whom all is possible Jesus Christ.

  25. to fr. corapi. please come back to preaching. you have been missed by me and others. now that the movie spotlight0 has been released. it only supports your perdictions aboutt the actitives in the (CHURCH) .stay strong.,prayers with you.,sincerely karen flack-gingery

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