Transcendental Meditation being taught at Catholic schools and seminaries

There was a large group of mediators of the Transcendental Meditation and TM Sidhi program who met at the Maharishi University in Iowa for a few weeks of meditation. Social scientists with the TM movement reported it as a success.A big wave for peace. It was called a World Peace Assembly. I recall during that period there was a gruesome murder there. I wondered if it was caused by the group meditation there.

Transcendental Meditation is being taught at Catholic schools and seminaries and there are religious who practice it.

I was invited to a Catholic seminary to teach this technique, along with another TM teacher.A bishop tells me that the batch that learned TM, whom we taught, has emerged the worse of the seminarians over that period of time.

I personally know five priests from that batch who have left the priesthood and got married. Three of them are Franciscans who have married and joined a Protestant community in England. The other two were diocesan priests.

I assisted TM teachers in teaching the technique at a Catholic school in Bangkok. The principal was a Catholic religious sister and she told me that she was open to these meditation techniques.I was a liberal too at that time and was happy to meet her.

Much of the scientific research on TM, which impressed religious I knew, comes from scientists actively working for the TM movement. If there are some negative results Maharishi would expect them to gloss over it.

Maharishi tried to introduce TM in a big way in the Philippines. He had the approval of the political leaders in that Catholic country. There were a group of students however who opposed the teaching of TM in Catholic schools there. Maharishi chose not to enter into a controversy and the TM teachers left. Hundreds of Catholic seminarians had completed the TM teachers course. They all left and none became teachers.

In the article I read last week in Il Settimanale di Padre Pio on Freemasonry,written by Fr.Siano F.I the word hirim is associated with Satan. Interestingly Fr.Siano mentions Buddhism and the Left Handed Path. Hindu gurus themselves ask mediators to avoid the dangers of meditation and the left handed path. This is associated with Tantra Yoga or Kundalini Yoga. The meditation techniques of Rajneesh, which uses a meditation linked to ones sexuality is one of these techniques. The connection between sexuality and the mind in meditation is also noticed in the TM-Sidhi program, the advanced technique.It includes ‘hopping’, a form of bouncing from the waist while sitting in the half lotus position. It has a physical component and is not to be confused with levitation.

The advanced meditation is not taught to those who are unstable or have an addiction to liquor,drugs etc.

The long hours of meditation with a free flowing mantra without the support of Jesus and the Church and without any guru, as is the case of some many people in the West, gives Satan an opportunity to influence the meditator.

So one can degenerate with meditation and assume that it is just stress release or the nice feelings are higher states of consciousness or the absence of any thoughts for a few seconds is the experience of Absolute Being. However it could be the present of an evil spirit in ones person.These are all false paths. They cannot give you the experience of God as known to Christians.

They may provide relaxation but one cannot experience the states of ecstasy known to the saints Teresa of Avila and St. John of the Cross. There cannot be the experience of God Consciousness without Jesus in the Catholic Church.Outside the Church there is no salvation.

St. Francis of Assisi had the highest levels of mystical experience and also the stigmata.It was through suffering and the grace of God within the Catholic Church.It was through the Cross and not comfortable living with promises of quick experiences of bliss.

The scientific research on TM does not mention that long periods of meditation cause bodily changes and make one addicted to these techniques for the rest of ones life. The TM movement projects the meditation technique positively and never mentions the negative effects to body, mind and soul. Neither in public is the influence of the occult recognized. -Lionel Andrades

Photo of the puja taught at Catholic schools and seminaries

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