Can a Catholic bishop become a heretic through sins of omission? If so … what then?

A recent post by Lionel Andrades explains that according to Canon Law, a bishop is a juridical person and is also required to be Catholic. As such, that bishop is obliged to affirm all the teachings of the Catholic Church.

If the bishop refuses to affirm the Catholic faith when questioned or challenged, it serves as a tacit denial.

In light of this … can a bishop who denies any part of the authentic Catholic faith legitimately continue to fulfill his duties as a Catholic and/or a bishop?

If so … how? If not … who is responsible for seeing that the problem is promptly and satisfactorily remedied?

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  1. There are still many pro-abort politicians who go to receive communion.

    The issue is one I don’t know to be causing a public scandal, perhaps he can expand it to 80+ theses and nail it to the cathedral door.

    I find nothing where a Bishop needs to respond or react any time a member of the laity snaps his fingers, or sends a list of demands.

    To argue the Bishop needs to obey anything would require obedience on the arguer. Similarly charity.

    A demonstration that it is causing grave scandal (objectively) might help.

    Yet he is free to go to the vatican with propery written canon law documents and procedure if he considers it so important.

    It is unseemly for brothers in Christ to argue in civil courts, much less in the public media.

    Perhaps a billboard with ‘the bishop is a heretic’ is cheaper and easier than the canon law procedure.

    Though al it would likely accomplish is to confirm non-catholics in their rejection of the quarrelsome institution.

    For scandal is rarely caused on subtle theological points, but on uncharitable behavior of the members.

    In pointing to a speck he uses a plank.

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