Stand for Religious Freedom. Sign the On-Line Petition.

Please sign the petition to support Cardinal-designate Dolan and stand for religious freedom! We’ll send the petition to President Obama, members of Congress, and HHS Secretary Sebelius.



  1. Congress shall make no provision for the establishment of a religion (or control of a religion). Read the constitution. We are free to worship and choose. The goverment is strealing our liberties one by one.

    • this is so true—

  2. shingon’s Declaration of Thanksgiving of 1789. We are experiencing a tyranical form of government at present. At least, it is tyranical for those of us who want to be free to express our faith. I do not want to be part of the massacre of unborn children. And please, don’t tell me that X% of Catholics or X% of other religions favor the murder of innocent unborn. You can hide your head in the sand and believe what the popular culture believes. If you profess to believe in God and you want to really be an individual and not a follower, ask yourself, does God really want his creations destroyed by me? Your silence and you contribution to the literal slaughter of unborn will determine who you follow. “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”

    • When people demand my approval of their perversions and attempt to induce my government to do likewise it becomes my (and every citizen’s) business. The allegations and statements made in the referenced article were also patently untruthful. It’s hard to “get over” badly constructed political propaganda, no matter the subject … even if you don’t happen to be a propagandist yourself.

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