First pro-life club meeting held at Elgin Community College in Illinois

Dolores Weber is a dedicated young pro-lifer who is trying to make a difference in her community.

The pro-life signs and slogans she posted all around the school campus have so far attracted about a dozen new members. Of course, some of her posters have been torn down or had ‘counter messages’ written on them like, “Abortion has been around for thousands of years, do you think making it illegal will make a difference.”

Dolores would be the first to tell her detractors that the answer to that question is an unqualified “Yes”!

One women shared the heart-rending personal testimony of being five months pregnant, with twins, and then being forced by her family to abort. A comprehensive Power Point presentation, along with a horrors of abortion “exhibit book” were used to better inform club members of the actual scope of the abortion problem in Illinois, America, and the world.

The student government had a few tricks up their sleeves, probably in the hopes of getting rid of her, but Dolores hung in there. Soon, after just about everyone in the school office got to know her, she finally obtained all the necessary approvals.

At one point in the process, a young man asked Dolores what group she represented. Hearing that it was the pro-life club, he loudly replied that he could not support the pro-life cause because he believed in the ‘exception in cases of rape and incest’. At that moment, a nearby woman stepped up and even more loudly exclaimed, “I am a product of rape!”

Jill Stanek, the nationally known pro-life advocate and nurse, who personally witnessed infanticide being committed in one of our  local hospitals, and publicly spoke out against it, is scheduled to talk about ‘Death in the Delivery Room’ at the May meeting.

Please pray for an end to abortion and for the continued success of the Elgin Community College Pro-Life Club.


  1. Pro life is for pedophiles, mysoginists, and fascists. And no making it illegal won’t make a difference. Did Prohibition or does the criminalization of marijuana work? Get your retarded ass and posters out of my college and keep your religion out of my GF’s vagina, or you’ll be dealing with me.

    • F#$&ing pervert….how about if you had been aborted???You wouldn’t be alive to run your godforsaken mouth about why other completely helpless human beings don’t have a right to live. Shut up you gutless sack of crap.

    • “…or you’ll be dealing with me”. Normally a comment from a sociopath such as yourself would not deserve a response. If it were not for the implied threat (site administrator please take note)in your pathetic rambling you would not hear a thing. There is an old saying that applies to people like you: Better to hold your tongue and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt”.

  2. Quiet Pedophiles. Dont feed the troll.

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