Little known fact: The Catholic Church has been 100% pro life for the last 2000 years.

The earliest reference to contraception and abortion is in the Didache, a document from the second half of the first century or early second century. Didache reads: “You shall not practice birth control, you shall not murder a child by abortion, nor kill what is begotten”.

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Editor’s note: The prohibition against artificial contraception and the support of natural procreation and the family is solidly rooted in the (approximately 7,000 year-old) Judeo-Christian faith tradition. The fact that the majority of today’s Jews tend to support abortion and contraception has no more bearing on this issue than the fact that many misguided Catholics choose rely on artificial contraceptives.

The scriptures and the authoritative teachings of the Catholic Church are totally consistent in their unequivocal support of life and family … and their absolute condemnation of abortion, infanticide, and contraception.

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