Thorny question: Desecrate the Holy Eucharist … or risk hurting a lesbian’s feelings?

Just a few minutes before the funeral began, Father Marcel Guarnizo, who was presiding over the service, apparently learned that Barbara was involved in a romantic relationship with another woman.

A lifelong Catholic and former Catholic school teacher, Barbara says she hadn’t even considered that her sexual orientation would be a problem with Father Marcel until she stepped forward to take communion.

“He said, ‘I can not give you communion because you live with a woman,” Barbara says.

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Editor’s note: Act in haste … repent at leisure. Look for the priest to get hung out to dry over this one.


  1. Comon NOW. This is totally a set up by this lesbian. She did what so many as she in the LGBT community are doing. That is pushing all the buttons…as a Saul Alinsky tactic,. ‘KEEP AFTER THEM’,
    With knowledge as to the faiths beliefs she introduced her ‘lover; of the same sex, as such to the PRIEST. WAS this appropiate? NO Was this a dishonor to the FAITH, TO GOD TO the PRIEST? YES it was . SHE knew exactly what she was doing and did NOT care, MOMS funeral or not.
    She knows the church’s stand on this, AND thus she was denied communion as she should HAVE BEEN, WHAT she said to that priest was evil and she knew it was a MORTAL SIN IN the church’s eyes.
    I am sick to death of these type actions by LGBTS ..ENOUGH! This priest did the RIGHT THING and CARDINAL WUERL did NOT FOLLOW his shepherding duties and stand by his priest. I AM SICK OF THIS B S from these GROUPS as LGBT. JUST SICK OF THEM.

  2. BTW next thing you know We will be dealing w.the so called ‘Tolerant Groups’ as ITS OKAY to have sex w.a horse. dog, YOU PICK IT. and than travel up the communion aisle. I AM AS STATED FED UP! NO MORALITY left in anyone anymore, ANYTHING GOES as SAUL ALINSKY proposes in his book Rules For Radicals. ITS mentally disturbing and has NO PLACE in a NORMAL SOCIETY of people w. a shred of moral decency! And that’s getting hard to find nowadays as well, HAS nothing to do with imposition of my moral values….has everything to do with ‘HUMAN DECENCY!’ AND leave the church alone all you radical LGBTS who live in this life and indulge in the sex acts. YOU’RE NOT CHANGING ONE LAW so GET OVER IT!

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