The foolish and potentially deadly presumption of expecting God to save us, on our own terms.

While God may have chosen to save someone other than Noah and his family from the great flood, we have absolutely no knowledge of any such act.

Just as the Ark was God’s chosen vessel of earthly salvation for Noah and his family, the Catholic Church is God’s chosen “vessel” of eternal salvation for all mankind.

Similarly, God may choose to “save” someone who has yet to be incorporated into the Catholic Church … but in that case as well, we will have absolutely no knowledge of it … and such a thing most certainly WILL NOT be normal, typical, or “routine”.

Better to heed the Gospel, get baptized
and become a faithful member of the Church,
than “hold out” for a miracle…
no matter what certain misguided clergy
might say!  

Lionel Andrades continues his in-depth series on the fine points of understanding and properly applying the defined Catholic dogma: EXTRA ECCLESIAM NULLA SALUS” (Outside the Church There Is No Salvation) which has remained “on the books” and unchanged for over 500 years, as formally defined at the 15th century Council of Florence, and confirmed by at least two later popes.

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