In the Fr.Peter C.Phan Notification was the USCCB affirming the rigorist interpretation of outside the church no salvation?

In the Notificationthe USCCB mentioned that there could be non Catholics saved in invincible ignorance and the baptism of desire. We accept this in principle. Defacto, this was known only to God.The popes and Church Councils accepted it in principle that a non Catholic could be saved in invincible ignorance etc. They also knew that  these cases were known only to God. So they were not explicit exceptions to the dogmatic teaching extra ecclesiam nulla salus.

Fr. Peter C. Phan outright denies the magisterial teaching on salvation and so the USCCB rightly corrected him. Even though he denies a defined dogma the USCCB however allows him to offer Holy Mass. This is contrary to Canon Law. How is a priest in public mortal sin allowed to offer Holy Mass?
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