Michael Voris “brags” about the “Coolness” of Catholicism

Truth is .. Catholicism always has been cool.

We built western civilization .. the only thing that relativists, socialists and atheists ever built was guillotines and death camps.

Our problem of late it just that many of us have been asleep for a while .. not really minding or paying attention to the candy store.

And while many of us were sleeping .. losers sneaked past and somehow claimed the mantle of cool.

Well .. if you think broken homes, shattered childhoods, self-esteem rooted in lies, cheating spouses, objectification of women, the death of masculinity, the ascendancy of lesbian-centered feminism, the glorification of mothers murdering their children, the nightmare of addictions .. and every other such social evil is cool .. then you need to hit the road Jack.

What’s so cool about a mounting toll of human physical, emotional and psychological carnage,?

So why is Catholic so cool? Because it makes you a man .. it makes you able to stand on your own two feet. While all these social losers tear you down .. they are actually jealous of you and what you have.

Watch the short video


  1. Douglas I have always enjoyed Michael Voris’ videos and commentary.

    HE was ON THINGS just as Fr Corapi and Pavone were a longgggggggggggggg time back. Why the snide commentary?

    I have great sorrow about Fr.JAC, BUT I do know one thing….God isnt done w.this great man yet. He has been beaten and trodden by a malicious woman w.really NO substanciation, OTHER than HER CHARGES via letter. HER CLAIMS of all sorts of radical and insane accusations. SHE and her husband. The two charmers of SOLT and the 3 ‘PROFESSIONAL CATHOLICS’ who announced JACs GUILT after weeks. AMAZING how Bishop Mulvey played a large part in this diabolical PLAY. This BISHOP, are you awares does NOT BElIEVE in the REAL PRESENCE?? HE has stated so and to many of his own SHEEP. This is the man that really nailed JAC to the cross and the rest of the Catholic PROS ‘LIBBERS’ jumped on the bandwagon. Plus we have citizen NOT ‘PRO’ Catholics out in the blogosphere cranking out CANON LAW like they themselves are lawyers.

    SAD day when ROCKS and STICKS and WORDS and ACCUSATIONS are tossed so hard at each other in the church..its like na na naaa naaaaaaaa NA ‘I am smarter than you are’.

    Back to Michael Voris, I admire him as I stated and INDEED he is a champion of the faith. The same LIB, OBAMA LOVING Clergy are after HIM TO SHUT UP on matters such as abortion and homosexuality ! JUST totally mindblowing as to some of OUR ESTEEMED SHEPHERDS. God will tend to them……………….and GOOD!


    • Dear Marie Ann,

      I wasn’t attempting to be “snide”… just perhaps a little too cute. Besides … it ain’t braggin’ if it’s true!

      BTW … I am a big Michael Voris fan. I even co-sponsored one of his local appearances. Imagine if more of our bishops had even half of MV’s “guts” or fortitude!



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