“Coincidence” is the Holy Spirit’s Middle Name – “Viva Cristo Rey!”

New Movie, opening June 1: For Greater Glory

For Greater Glory (formerly entitled Cristiada.) The must see movie for 2012 for all American Catholics and all of our fellow Americans who cherish religious liberty.

At a time when the Obama administration is firing the opening shots in a struggle against the religious freedom of Catholics, and exploiting a de facto schism within the Church in America to accomplish their ends, a film is being released this election year detailing the struggle of Mexican Catholics in the last century against a bitterly anti-Catholic regime.

Most of the time in life coincidences are merely coincidences, but sometimes I suspect they are sent by God for His purposes. In any case it appears to be a worthy movie to retell the heroic story of Mexican Catholics and their fight for the Church and freedom.

Read more. Watch the trailer.

Editor’s note: This movie has a more universal theme, a more well known cast, and addresses a much broader audience than did The Passion of the Christ, which was arguably responsible for firming up the Christian vote against that year’s pro-abort, pro-homosexual Democratic presidential candidate, and which may well have been responsible for the generally more positive outcome of that election.

For Greater Glory illustrates the problems godless tyrants invariably experience whenever they attempt to persecute or suppress heroic people dedicated to faith and freedom.

As Ed Morrissey notes: With a cast that includes Academy Award nominees Andy Garcia, Peter O’Toole, and Catalina Sandino Moreno as well as Eva Longoria and Oscar Isaac, the film about the Cristero War in Mexico in the late 1920s will be hard to ignore.

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