Birth control pioneer is a classic “anti-hero”

by Doug Lawrence

The classic definition of a hero is one who makes great personal sacrifices in order to save someone.

Jesus Christ, for example, is the greatest hero of all time, since he willingly laid down his life to free mankind from slavery to Satan, sin and death … and to make possible the eternal salvation of all humanity.

Bill Baird, on the other hand, is a classic “anti-hero” – one who made great personal sacrifices in order to facilitate the untimely deaths of countless infants, through contraception, abortifacients, and clinical abortions … and who has also induced countless others into willing complicity.

Mr. Baird certainly had the courage to promote his faulty world view, but to what end? Death! As such, Baird is not only anti-hero, but anti-Christ.

The Associated Press recently carried a glowing retrospective on the curious life and dubious accomplishments of Mr. Bill Baird, who is now 79 years of age.

What a waste!  

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