Doug responds to those who believe certain features of the Old Law “automatically” made their way into the New Covenant Catholic Church

by Doug Lawrence

In a recent post, Professor Howard Kainz offered his opinion that the Old (Mosaic) Law was somehow automatically stripped of its dietary and other obsolete features, and that its great moral precepts somehow, automatically made their way into the New Covenant Catholic Church.

Not to try to “muddy the waters” … but the New Covenant was all-new … not reliant at all upon anything in the Old Covenant … except for the perfect fulfillment of all that was written in the books of the Law, the Prophets, and the Psalms … by the promised Messiah … Jesus Christ.

The risen Jesus said as much, himself. And earlier, he had used the example of old and new wine skins to explain why the new would be essentially incompatible with the old.

Jesus Christ released us from the curse of the Old Law … every jot and tittle of it … and replaced that now obsolete concept with the grace and peace available only through him and the Catholic Church he personally founded, authorized, empowered, and eternally guaranteed … for that express purpose.

Jesus gave St. Peter and the apostles the awesome and virtually unrestricted power of binding and loosing … and with the help of the Holy Spirit … they and their successors shortly decided to reaffirm certain basic tenets that had been contained in the old law … and totally do away with others.

Martin Luther and his ideological descendants gravely err when they deny the power of the Catholic Church to govern and to make rules for the benefit of the Christian faithful.

Other than that, there’s absolutely no basis in scripture or tradition for the automatic, selective movement of portions of the Old Covenant laws over to the New Covenant Catholic Church. The hierarchy of the Catholic Church deliberately made those critical judgments and decisions, much as they are still being made today … usually by means of papal decrees and duly called synods and councils.

None of this happened by accident … by autopilot … or by osmosis. All was accomplished by the Catholic Church, according to the foreknowledge and plan of Almighty God.

Thank God we Catholics have the grace and peace of Jesus Christ, the head of the Catholic Church, and the source and summit of our Christian life, as our first, best, and final resort … instead of the totality of the Old Law, which though it was certainly of God, never saved a soul … because that job was always rightly reserved for Jesus, himself.

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  1. Sunday, April 8, 2012
    The Jewish authorities and those who followed their lead pressed for the death of Christ says Nostra Aetate 4,Vatican Council II

    Pope Benedict XVI in the second volume of his book Jesus of Nazareth says not all Jews were responsible for the death of Jews except for the Jewish leaders of that time who called for the death of Jesus. This is the message in Nostra Aetate 4,Vatican Council II. So there was nothing new in the pope’s statement. He was repeating Vatican Council II 1965.

    When I read the newspaper statements from the Jewish Left leaders commenting on the book I had wondered if the pope had said that it was not the Jews who were responsible but some other people!

    Nostra Aetate 4 also says that the Jews are the ‘people with whom God in His inexpressible mercy concluded the Ancient Covenant.’ The Ancient Covenant is concluded according to Vatican Council II. Yet American bishops and cardinals deny this.So does the ADL.

    Nostra Aetate 4 says that the ‘Church is the new people of God’. Catholics are the New People of God.Catholics are the Chosen People of God now. It is no more the Jews.

    Ad Gentes 7 , Vatican Council II says all need Catholic Faith and the baptism of water for salvation. All, includes the Jews. According to Vatican Council II the Jews in the present time are not saved since they do not have Catholic Faith and the baptism of water. According to Vatican Council II they need to convert into the Catholic Church for salvation.

    The Jewish Left has been protesting against these teachings of Vatican Council II. -Lionel Andrades

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