Vatican politics is affecting Catholic dogma, especially as it applies to the conversion of the Jews

Pope Benedict XVI in Light of the World-Conversations with Peter Seewald says Jews do not have to convert in the present times. Pope Benedict XVI says that he has revised the ancient liturgy (on Good Friday) so that it does not say that Jews need to convert in the present times but that they will convert in a future time (eschatological time).

So he is saying that he has revised the Good Friday Prayer for the Conversion of the Jews which now says Jews do not have to convert in the present times.(1) This is a rejection of the Nicene Creed in which we pray “I believe in one baptism for the forgiveness of sin”.Jews do need the baptism of water in the present time.

The pope is saying that without the baptism of water given to adults with Catholic Faith, Jews in general, are saved in their religion.

Vatican Council II mentions the possibility of non Catholics being saved in invincible ignorance, a good conscience etc. It does not state that they are saved in general in their religion. Since in general the normal means of salvation is Catholic Faith and the baptism of water.(AG 7).

The Vatican received a threat from the Chief Rabbinate and the Government of Israel over the issue of the Good Friday Prayer for the Conversion of Jews it was reported in the secular newspapers here.There was the threat of war. The pope diffused the tension with a front page report in the L’Osservatore Romano in which it was said that Jews do not have to convert in the present time.

This message was repeated in Light of the World-Conversations with Peter Seewald (Ignatius Press). The pope told Seewald that there is only one means of salvation and all who are saved are saved through Jesus.True. However this can also be a partial truth and denial of a defined dogma offensive to the Jewish Left. Offensive to the pro-Sodom and Gomorrah Zionists posing as Jews.Yes all those who are saved are saved through Jesus and the Church, Jesus’ Mystical Body, however every one needs to enter the Church with the baptism of water and Catholic Faith (Ad Gentes 7, Vatican Council II, dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus,Dominus Iesus 20 etc).

The pope and his Curia have put away the defined dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus which Pope Pius XII called an ‘infallible teaching’.

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Editor’s note: Let’s be fair and rational: If Jews need not convert, why should anyone else?

The Old Covenant is no more, and even if the Old Law still applied, it never had the power to save a soul. That places Jews and (non-Christian) gentiles in exactly the same position of eternal jeopardy … with the only hope for salvation being Jesus Christ and his (universal) Catholic Church.

If this is the “New Evangelization” we’re all in big, big trouble!

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  1. We are aware that it is Friday the 13th and that can make a few people go quite daft and here we see a surprising attack on Pope Benedict 16th as if his theology was faltering! Quite absurd as Joseph Ratzinger remains one of the Catholic world’s all-time great theologians and we shall do well to remember this point in any evaluation of his comments. Of course sometimes the press both liberal and conservative; following their own agenda will try and spoke the flames of dissent. That known however ,we shall do well to try and keep this rabid hysteria down.

    Rather than simply get on our “high horse” and try to preach to the Bishop of Rome we shall do better to stop and try to understand what he has said and why?

    Firstly of course as a German he is well aware that history is littered with evil actions committed against the Jewish people on the trumped up charge that they were “Christ killers” or had failed to convert to the one true faith even if that faith went on to brutalize them. The History of the Church and its sadly all too often bestial acts against Jews is hardly something of which we can boast.

    Pope Benedict has not denied that salvation comes through the Church but he is aware that The Jewish People retain a special significance in the work of salvation. That this is the time of the Gentiles as St Paul noted and that the final Conversion of the Jewish people will occur just before the end of the world; that is why a world wide conversion will happen but at the appointed time.
    The Holy Father looks towards that “time” but we do not know that hour and Christians whilst praying for the Jewish people can no longer hide behind the brutalization of a people on grounds of religion. Violence is unacceptable and whilst individuals may convert the Church Magisterium leans today (as in the early centuries of the Church) towards the notion of salvation through co-operation with God’s grace.

    The rigid dogmatic spilling of formula is insufficient in today’s world to progress the work of the Gospels. Therefore the Church acknowledges as always that whilst Jesus is the Redeemer of the World that this is no longer a monopoly held by simple profession of a faith. In effect the saying and realization of “Lord Lord” before the throne of Grace will not guarantee salvation but rather the doing of the will of the father. The Jewish people are thus important and their general salvation as the people of Israel (the many may not include the all) is guaranteed before the end of the world in world wide conversion.

    Finally Pope Benedict as pontiff has tried (not always with the success he may have desired) rather heroically to advance friendship between different religions and old enemies. He is aware that many of his predecessors in historical context did not appreciate for example the value of friends over enemies. Yet with Vatican 2 and a post war world he has tried to show the faithful that Christ desires peace over war, humility over pride and understanding and tolerance over hatred and violence. I am therefore surprised and a little saddened therefore that some may attack out of hand his efforts for concordia and fail to appreciate the strength of the superb theology founded in our most Holy Father Benedict 16th, Bishop of Rome.


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