Doug replies to Huffington Post’s Michele Somerville’s vile screed against the Catholic Church

by Doug Lawrence

It’s absolutely clear from the Gospels that Jesus Christ instructed the Jewish people to follow the religious instructions of the almost totally corrupt Chief Priests, Scribes, and Pharisees … the very men he knew would eventually crucify him … because they legitimately occupied the authoritative “chair” of Moses.

From that, it should also be absolutely clear that Jesus Christ also respects and affirms the awesome and virtually unrestricted power and authority he gave to the hierarchy of the Catholic Church … particularly the Pope … who legitimately occupies the “chair” of St. Peter … as well as the Bishops … who legitimately occupy the respective “chairs” of the Apostles.

Today’s Catholic Bishops may be no better than the old Pharisees … but they are no less in charge of the Catholic Church … and since Jesus Christ remains the head of the Church, no mortal man or woman has the power to change any of that. Not illegitimate renegade priests. Not illegitimate female wannabee priests. Not liberal, commie, quasi-catholic heretics. Not even you.

The Church’s temporary love affair with the obtuse spirit of the ’60’s and 70’s has run its course, and is just about over. The overwhelming trend is onward and upward, with virtually no end in sight.

Even Jesus had his Judas, so it should be no surprise to anyone that the Catholic Church will have to contend with traitors in their midst, until the end of time.

As for your article … rarely have I come across a piece containing more misinformation, half-truths, and outright lies.

Judas would be proud of you!


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