Obtuse “Spirit of Vatican II” is still confusing high level church prelates

Cardinal Kurt Koch assumes that his interpretation of Vatican Council II is the only one and all of us should accept it.

When the SSPX says they reject Vatican Council II they mean they reject the Koch-liberal version. When they say that they affirm ecumenism and inter religious dialogue according to Tradition, they mean they affirm in reality the traditional interpretation of Vatican Council II.

There can be no known cases of Orthodox Christians or Protestants saved in imperfect communion, the seeds of the Word or a good conscience etc as the liberal version claims.

In a a press conference on Tuesday in Vienna Cardinal Koch, the President of the Vatican Council for ecumenism said the Society of St.Pius X (SSPX) needs to accept Vatican Council II, as if, implying that he and his Vatican office for ecumenism does so.They do not accept the traditional interpretation of Vatican Council II.

The cardinal cannot provide references from Vatican Council II to support his liberal interpretation with reference to ecumenism.

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  1. Again we are presented with the same tired argument: That is: The SSPX are not really a heretical cult that continues to present distortion as a simple justified alternative but they are merely standing up for traditional Catholicism.

    Again we see the same old routine that attacks true and well-appointed bishops and authorities within the Church as being misguided at best. The arch conservative Catholics (and I have never understood what a conservative or liberal catholic really is as these terms are today media based and refer to philosophical pseudo political values and not Christian ones) blame anything on Vatican 2 and its now “liberal interpretations” as evidence for the apparent breakdown of Church governance.

    The truth is that Vatican 2 and perhaps even more importantly its interpretations as presented by both Popes and clerical authorities have for years since the Council stressed a certain way forward that is in keeping with its values and the true inspiration of the gospels etc. This means that the Catholic Church has for example in its move towards an ecumenical spirit grown nearer to the will of Jesus and not further from it as expected by the SSPX. His Holiness Pope Paul VI for example was forced to quietly remind the rabid cleric Lefebvre whom denied his authority and by implication that of the Council that the Spirit “of the Council is the Spirit of God”.

    All peoples are bound to follow their own enlightened conscience as final adjudicator for their actions but Catholics also try to be guided by good and responsible tradition as interpreted by Catholic Authority such as led by the Pope etc. To reject this can be a very serious matter and certainly in the case of the clerics involved in the SSPX is no less than a mortal sin since it refuses obedience which they are subject to.

    Today the SSPX has failed in its attempts to divide the Church and it has been forced to either accept or remain outside main stream religious thinking. However many of its proud sons and daughters have refused to acknowledge its demise. Instead we are now presented with a cloud of verbal innuendo that would rather criticise true bishops than admit that the SSPX was simply wrong from its genesis.

    I fear that in its final death throws, the true author of the SSPX is attempting to gather into the fire as many of the people of God as he can. Satan has rarely had such a tool at his disposal and the wickedness and stubborn back and hard hearted pride of its members continues to harm the good name of the Catholic Church in the world today.

    It is an act of irresponsibility for any Catholic to offer a critique on the internet of the lawfulness of the proper Catholic authority. The attack on the proper papal delegation is unsustainable and the continued admiration of such heretical cults as the SSPX remains for most Catholics stomach churning drivel.

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