Doug responds to a seriously misguided soul who claims that God loves abortion.

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by Doug Lawrence

The universal penalty for sin, is death. Conversely, a person who is totally without sin is not liable to die, at all.

Even babes in their mother’s womb, who are innocent of personal sin, cannot always escape its’ deadly consequences. Hence, spontaneous natural abortions remain an unfortunate fact of this life.

That even newly conceived infants are subject to death should be conclusive proof that sin negatively affects every human being, from the very moment of conception, and that every human being is in desperate need of the grace and mercy of Jesus Christ, our Divine Savior and Redeemer.

God is sovereign and all powerful, and he alone rightly wields the awesomely creative power of life and death. God also has no need to apologize … to anyone … for anything … so don’t waste your time crabbing about the current, natural order of things.

Such is most definitely not the case with abortionists, who engage in the unnatural slaughter of innocent babies, for the sake of money and/or convenience, and with those who continue to promote and support such ungodly abominations.

A necessary component of God’s universal law of sin and death is divine judgment, which means that these blood-stained butchers of innocent humanity will someday have to answer to God, for their actions.

Perhaps God will be more merciful to them, than they were to the babies.

We can only hope!


  1. Are you actually suggesting that some newly conceived infants die because they sinned?!

    • No, I said just the opposite.

      Babes in the womb have not personally sinned, but they are undoubtedly affected in very negative ways, by the sins of their mother and father, and of everyone who ever came before them.

      The primeval reason for all the problems in this world is Adam and Eve’s original sin, coupled with the cumulative sins of all mankind.

      Mistakes have consequences, and grave mistakes have grave consequences. Thousands of years worth of cumulative mistakes add up to the mess we have in the world today, with all its mind-boggling repercussions.


      • Okay, that makes more sense. Follow up questions: At what age do we start to become liable for our own sins? Are isolated tribes in Africa and South America liable for their sins even if they haven’t been enlightened by the word of God?

      • Q: At what age do we start to become liable for our own sins?

        A: What is termed “the age of reason” is that moment when we become capable of personally discerning the difference between good and evil, right and wrong. This is typically around the age of 8, but may vary widely. Also necessary for the guilt of sin to attach, at any age, is knowledge and intent. Unless something 1) actually is sinful; 2) we personally know, understand … or should know and understand … that it is indeed sinful; and 3) we fully intend to commit the sin, and we do so of our own free will; we cannot be held accountable for it.

        Q: Are isolated tribes in Africa and South America liable for their sins even if they haven’t been enlightened by the word of God?

        A: The Church teaches that all men have the natural law written in their hearts. Even those who have never heard the gospel often develop reasonably functional and practical codes of moral behavior. In these cases, God will judge, based on the things only he can really know. In any event, anyone who God, in his infinite love and mercy, chooses to “save” … whether Christian or non-Christian … will be saved only by the application of the grace which Jesus Christ obtained for us on the cross, at Calvary.


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