Timely Biblical Lessons About Idolatry, Chastisement, Prideful Arrogance, Divine Judgment and Sudden Destruction.

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  1. Just read the article and there is much that is sane and clear in the article. I agree overall with the article but not every point.
    Thus the notion is general in the article that we are strayed and godless and that the terrible things that plague the western world be they abortion, family break down, cultural collapse or invasion by Muslim hordes is a punishment or judgement by (remains essentially a loving God and this wording is wide and not definite) God to bring us all back to our senses!
    Yet the sad thing is that whilst we have in this generation many such plagues when was the world not tested? My point is that each time has had its test and these were no less in the past than they are today. Indeed today we have many good things that have come from bad issues in the past such as democratic thought out of world wars and the desire that is still held in all peoples of good will to do better and learn from each other rather than war against our neighbour as if that was pleasing to Almighty God?
    So whilst I agree with the article in its very clear understanding in Scripture that God is essentially about Love I would try and suggest that whilst we are in a mess it is resolvable and we must not assume that the end of times is just around the corner because we are so bad that only an appocalypse can resolve it. Whilst we look forward to the life of the world to come we must be tolerant and kindly and not hurry Gods judgement.

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