When premarital sex, homosexuality, contraception, and abortion are encouraged in health class, isn’t pint-size Mayor Bloomberg’s crusade against sugary drinks a bit odd?


As the Church is backed into a corner because of its teaching on sexuality, and its institutions face increasing pressure to compromise and cooperate with abortion, gay marriage, and contraception, and after the city bans religious groups from using public property, lawmakers are getting moralistic about food. It’s a good thing if people eat less fat and sugar, to be sure, but let’s put first things first.

The alternative to bodily obsession is an integrated view of human existence, a concern for body and soul in due proportion, in which appetites are in harmony with right reason, and pleasure is not disdained but enjoyed properly (“insensibility” is also a vice, St. Thomas points out). For millennia, spiritual writers have remarked that corporal mortification, such as fasting, purifies the soul. Ordering one’s appetite goes a long way in ordering another. But it’s a sign of sickness when food and fitness become a rival religion.

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Editor’s note: This type of ideology is also very popular with homosexuals. Perhaps the pint-size mayor is being less than candid with the people of New York City.

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