Video provides straight talk and expert guidance for Catholic voters on difficult issues of the day

The video runs about 10 minutes, but by 2:10 you should know everything you need to cast a proper vote. – Doug

 Watch the video by Catholic Answers


  1. If the issues are ‘non-negotiable’ then where is the logic of voting for the candidate with the least number of ‘wrong’ positions? Is it o.k. to participate/co-operate “a little bit” with intrinsic evil, but not with a lot of intrinsic evil? Catholic Answers (and the USCCB) says: “Intrinsically evil actions are those that fundamentally conflict with the moral law and can never be deliberately performed under any circumstances.” — and then adds the wimpy canard about the lesser evil… thus “can never…under any circumstances” does not really mean “never…under any circumstances”. And so, many Catholics come to think that doing evil slowly, or less obviously, is not so bad as doing evil blatantly and blithely. Perhaps there are eternal rooms that are only warm and not hot!!

    • If only the choice was really that difficult. The problem is … most of today’s politicians … Catholic and non-Catholic alike … even the “better” ones … are no where even near perfect when it comes to a host of various moral issues. For many of us, it comes down to deciding whether to vote … or not … based on our own particular discernment of what actually constitutes the “lesser” evil.

      In regard to the actions (not words) of Barack Obama and his minions, the choice is much simpler, sincee his policies are for the most part, directly at odds with many established Catholic principles … particularly the important, “non-negotiable” ones. In light of that, anybody BUT Obama is clearly the lesser evil.

      If you like abortion, homosexual marriage, and the trampling of our constitutional rights, vote for Barack. If not, virtually anyone else will be a better choice.

      That’s about as practical as things can get … for Catholics … or for anyone.



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