Mother of eleven decides to really clean house … and gets some unexpected help.

There came a time in my life when I was going through a spiritual renewal and examining how I could grow closer to God. I decided to purify my house by getting rid of anything I considered to be evil. We have a big house with thirteen rooms, six of them bedrooms for our eleven children. That covers a lot of space.

I cleaned out closets, crawl space in the attic, the basement, every place I could think of where there might be something in question. I was a collector of books and I disposed of anything that had to do with horoscopes, numerology, etc. There was a time when I thought of these things as innocent fun, but later realized they are a gateway into the occult.

It was an on going process that took me months to complete. Finally, the day came when I sat back and was satisfied, feeling my house was free of any intentional evil.

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