Archbishop Gregory is only kidding himself.

The post-Vatican II church is obviously in great shape!

In his homily, the archbishop focused on the three-year Vatican Council convened from 1962 to 1965. He called it the “paramount event” of the church in the past century. He said the reforms brought about by the council, like celebrating Mass in the spoken language of the people, rather than in Latin, “changed the face of the church, although not her heritage or her spiritual legacy.”

He said the council shaped the life of the church in the years that followed.

“That particular moment 50 years ago has determined my entire life as a priest and now as a bishop, although I could not have realized how significant it would become at the time it began,” he said.

Archbishop Gregory said the council brought new thinking to the way in which the church should engage with the modern world.

“The church would engage the world in order to transform it, to introduce it to the very person of Christ Jesus,” he said.

“The Second Vatican Council was perhaps the greatest expression of the presence and the activity of the Spirit of God guiding and moving the community of faith that we could ever have envisioned,” he said.


Editor’s note: I’m betting the Archbishop also thinks that Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama are the two greatest U.S. presidents of all time.

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