A pertinent reader comment about the canonical status of VP Joe Biden

It  is  only fair to report; Vice  President   Joe  Biden, by way  of  Catholic  Church  Canon #1398 has  excommunicated  himself {The  sin of  abortion may incur a automatic  excommunication ….any one  whose cooperation was needed to  perform an abortion.}

 Archbishop Chaput of  Denver says, “Anyone  who disagree with the  beliefs  and the teaching of the church on the  sanctity-of life issues separate themselves from the communion with the  Church”.
It is  not  responsible to report  that Vice  President  Joe Biden is a Catholic  without reporting the above.
Submitted by Ed S. from Arlington Heights, IL
Editor’s note: All of the above accepted, it’s Joe Biden’s local ordinary (bishop) who has the final word on this matter.


  1. re: “local ordinary (bishop) who has the final word…”
    I don’t know what is meant ‘the final word’? I think any bishop is competent to follow the Denver Archbishop’s lead in such a declaration and any priest in any diocese may abide in that determination — subject to the instruction of his own bishop. Biden’s Bishop has an added responsibility to communicate this to him via in-person counsel and to seek his repentance.

    • The way things work, only the bishop of the person’s very own home diocese has the right and the responsibility to excommunicate or take other official canonical actions against him. Bishops of other sees certainly have a right to voice their own opinions, but they have no official say about what goes on in another diocese. That right always rests with the local ordinary (bishop) and no one else.

      “Diocese shopping” is one way scandalous Catholics have managed to blunt or avoid such sanctions, in the past … and it still works … although most today … like Biden, Pelosi, et al … prefer to simply demagogue … or ignore … the issue.

      Of course, they won’t be able to get away with that, come Judgment Day.


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