Thank the U.S. Bishops for Obamacare

Apocryphally attributed to Thomas Jefferson, the observation that “a government big enough to give you everything you want is big enough to take it all away” is nevertheless true, and should be framed on the wall of every American bishop. The bishops, who have been adamantly opposing the Obamacare mandates which violate Catholic religious freedom, have nevertheless pushed for socialized medicine for decades. They even supported Obamacare itself, provided it was the right Obamacare.

Now, after decades of feeding the beast of socialism, which has now turned on them, who can be surprised? Apparently, a bunch of bishops who seem to have about the same level of knowledge about government and political power as my seventh-grade civics teacher. These are people who have for years been telling us that government should have free rein to control and regulate every aspect of our lives, as long as it meets the demands of “social justice” which for most of these bishops doesn’t mean charity, but simply socialism with a little God thrown on top. Few organizations have done more than the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops to pave the way for Obamacare. They made that bed, but now all of us have to lie in it.

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  1. Religion shows the best of advertizing it creates a problem which is not a problem yet your convinced it’s a problem that needs a cure…
    & hey presto christianity comes up with the cure. A cure in gaining
    producing christianity a yearly turnover of $billions from the foolish
    whom have been brainwashed to believe that there’s a place called heaven somewhere beyond the clouds /where God & son jesus live.

    The advertizing is stupid ( hard to believe any can be fooled by it
    yet one need remember christianity a product of centuries of forced religious brainwashing. Christianity was never welcomed by western nations as it preached as taught / christianity was forced upon the Euro nations / as much as the Euro Union is now forced on nations Why ? because it puts power wealth in the hands of a few over the many / as did does christianity . Church proclaimed supported the
    right of kings as queen’s that it was their god given right that they
    rule the people / in return kings queens awarded Church land as
    wealth (tax free) thus for centuries both supported the other, any
    objecting against church or royalty but butchered as burnt at the stake / such horror lasted for centuries / till with great sacrifice it
    being millions claimed their freedom from the church authority as
    many nations freeing themselves from royality / in their place / a parliament people supposidly choosen by the people / to govern.

    Parliaments over a time having become as corrupt as royality as corrupt as the then church authority that countless lives were lost
    in removing from power. In truth politicians / parliaments now are
    as corrupt than when royalty and church authority were in power.

    Back to christian advertizing (Problem & Cure). The problem SEX
    is a SIN (as all be born from the sexual act ( thus all sinners) thus
    none will go to the promised heaven where God & Son Jesus Live.

    However the Cure….It claimed by christians as christianity / that
    their leader jesus was born of a virgin /free of SIN in being free
    of SIN / they claim he then has the power in removing the SIN of others ..with one’s SIN’s removed one then qualifies in entering
    a fictional heaven / where to live with / God and his Son jesus…

    Christianity is a ongoing rich business /yearly making $billions
    as giving great power to a few over many /where people be so
    brainwashed in religious nonsense that they continue pouring
    $Billions into the coffers of all branches the christian churches.

    How can people believe such religious Mumbo Jumbo ?. In the
    christian church the brainwashing can begin as young as 4yrs
    5yrs / 6yrs / by age 12 the children so brain damaged they are
    incapable of independent thought / being trapped in a world of religious fantasy where unable to free themselves / in doing so
    it preached they will know great suffering if turning against the
    church /if turn from jesus if turning away from church authority.

    • You are obviously suffering from a number of misconceptions and false assumptions. Membership in the church has always been strictly voluntary. It has also been more of a calling than anything else. As for your many ignorant comments … anyone who follows any type of belief system without personal reliance on both faith and reason is likely to come to a bad end. Jesus Christ enjoys his remarkable street cred because he is God … and because he is the only person in history to raise himself up again from the dead, just as he promised he would. That … plus the fact that the church he personally founded, authorized, empowered and eternally guaranteed still exists and still manages to function today … in spite of two thousands of years of man’s best efforts, from both inside and outside the church, to bring it down. Mumbo jumbo? Hardly! More like a continuous miracle of truth and love, enlightened by reason, confirmed by faith, according to God’s abundant grace. Suggested reading:


    • You cannot repeal Obamacare because one in seven Blacks, one in ten Hispanics and one in twelve Italians (thank Fumento) have HIV AIDS and desperately need it to afford medication and treatment.

  2. Doug, I’ve been saying these things for decades: moreso lately, of course, than ever before, due to Obamacare. I always felt like a soloist until I read your post, above.

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